Sweet and spicy licorice flavor

5 Stars Sweet and spicy licorice flavor

from MI on wrote:

Since this tin reads "ginger and mint" on the front, I wasn't expecting the flavor I got. The anise flavor is strongest to me, but I can also taste a bit of ginger and mint. It's really balanced and tasty, not too spicy and just a little bit sweet. I really like the flavor!


5 Stars Delicious

from MI on wrote:

This is a fabulous afternoon tea. I love the anise notes.

Wonder evening tea

5 Stars Wonder evening tea

from IL on wrote:

I was given this as a gift and it has quickly become my favorite. The perfect way to unwind and end the day.

Delightful and flavorful!

5 Stars Delightful and flavorful!

from HI on wrote:

I love this tea. A little spicy with a bit of attitude! I especially love it cold. I do a cold brew. But it also makes an inviting hot cup of tea!

Happy To See This Back (With A New Name)

5 Stars Happy To See This Back (With A New Name)

from VA on wrote:

I believe this is the same or similar to the "Afternoon Garden Tea" they offered a few years ago in the DA collection. It was a favorite, and I was pleased to see something similar back. Will be ordering more


5 Stars Amazing

from CA on wrote:

The tea smells really good and has a very mild taste.

Violet and Marys tea

3 Stars Violet and Marys tea

from VA on wrote:

I bought both Violet and Marys tea and Lady Cora’s evening tea. I find both herbal teas much too bland for my taste buds. I also prefer teas with more aroma. I have to use two sachets per 8 oz cup, I do wish your samples were more varied and included more variety. I seem to get the same ones every order. I drink lots of your teas, especially during the colder months.


5 Stars Delicious

from MI on wrote:

Bought it for the fun but love it for the taste. Perfect anytime of day.