Aronia Elderberry Rooibos SuperDigest Tea®

Fermented Aronia, Elderberry & Rooibos

Aronia berries top the list on antioxidant content of all berries. They offer a nice tang to the deep flavor of elderberry tea. A base of naturally fermented rooibos provides a full and satisfying cup. Sip 1-5 cups on a daily basis to support overall health.*

Each tea bag contains 1 Billion CFU's (Colony Forming Units) per tea bag at time of manufacture. The probiotic Bacillus subtilis supports healthy gut functions and remains viable under a wide temperature range.

Our ancestors discovered that fermenting foods into such things as wine, kombucha and yogurt, not only preserved them but improved their healthful properties with easier digestibility and nutrient absorption.* We have sourced and blended great-tasting fermented herbs and maximized the digestive benefits by adding probiotics.* Sip daily and support your overall well-being in each delicious cup.

super digest Aronia Elderberry SuperDigest Tea