Rare Hawaiian Organic Kiawe White Honey

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This creamy, opalescent honey floats off your tongue, leaving you to savor its subtle, yet rich, tropical essence. It is a single floral source, certified organic, unheated raw honey.

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Pure Raw Organic Hawaiian Kiawe Honey

Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star


5 Stars DELICIOUS!!!

from CA on wrote:

This is a most delicious honey spread. I used to buy this in the grocery but have not seen it for years. If you leave the jar out a bit before you cook your toast, it is ready to spread; also very good on English muffins.


5 Stars Delicious!

from CA on wrote:

We love visiting Hawaii so when I saw this honey I had to try it. It is so good! It reminds me of a spun honey. It has a beautiful creamy texture. So good on toast!

Loved it so much, ordered more!

3 Stars Loved it so much, ordered more!

from TX on wrote:

Feel in love with it the 1st time we ordered it. Textured is creamy and right amount of sea salt to give it a nice salty taste. Ordered 2 more! This time the texture is grainy and not quite as good as the 1st jar was. Not sure if it was a bad batch this time around or what. Disappointed that it not delicious as the 1st jar to eat it by the spoonful all by itself.


5 Stars Wonderful

from TX on wrote:

Creamy light tasting honey, not so overly sweet like others type of honey can be.

Hawaiian goodness!!!

5 Stars Hawaiian goodness!!!

from IL on wrote:

This honey has a flavor all its own. It is delicious and tastes better than other honeys I have tried like the ones you find in most grocery stores. My son originally gave me this honey as a gift. It is so flavorful I could eat it straight from the jar... and sometimes I do!