Red Blaze Tea Set

Red Blaze Tea Set Red Blaze Tea Set
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Wisps of smoky-gray glaze rise to the surface on this flame-red stoneware in patterns that shift from piece to piece, making each a unique work of art. The handled cups have white interiors with glaze-dipped rims. Set includes 12 oz teapot, stainless steel infuser, four 4 oz cups and four woven ramie coasters, all packed in an oval rattan basket.

Additional Details

Product Dimensions

Tea Cup
Width: 3"
Length: 3¾"
Height: 2½"

Tea Pot
Width: 5"
Length: 6½"
Height: 6"



Care Instructions

Hand Wash

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Citizen Reviews
  • 4 Star

Better than expected!

5 Stars Better than expected!

from TX on wrote:

I was kind of nervous about this purchase. 6 out of 7 reviews said that theirs arrived broken, which made me think that a) it would be poorly packaged, and b) it would be flimsy material. But I bought it anyway. And I'm so glad I bought it! It arrived in perfect condition, and it looks SO much better than the pictures! I love it!

Easter Present

5 Stars Easter Present

from PA on wrote:

I LOVE it. I received it (unbroken) for an Easter gift. It is adorable.

Excellent service

5 Stars Excellent service

from ME on wrote:

My daughter-in-law wants this for Christmas, even after having read the reviews of breakage. As luck would have it, the knob on the little teapot cover was broken when the set came. When I asked if I could have a replacement cover, the Republic of Tea sent one right away. Can't ask for better service than that.

Need a Ministry of Quality

1 Star Need a Ministry of Quality

from WI on wrote:

There is a need for a Ministry of Quality at the Republic of Tea. The teapot showed up with loop on the back of the teapot broken off. Thank my Lord and Savior for super glue. I'll have to get some super glue to reattach the loop, then reattach the handle. The piece that was broken, had to have been broken before it even arrived at the republic. I say this because everything was packaged well, and no moving around in the basket. So I would say it was broke right from the manufacture. Not looking for a replacement, because I don't want the hassle. Just letting you know that it would have been nice not have to make repairs before use.


1 Star Disappointed!

from on wrote:

This set is really nice, but it arrived broken to me ! And the way it was in the box when I opened it led me to think it didn't broke during its journey. As I live in Europe, I can't send it back (too expensive) but I think you guys should be carefull with your sets. Thanks