Republic Darjeeling Black Iced Tea

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The Champagne of Teas — Expertly brewed tea and beautifully bottled in a 16.9 oz (500mL) bottle containing two servings. Pure, unsweetened tea, light with muscat grape notes. The flavor of the tea shines in this unsweetened brew.

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More About This Product

This premium, ready-to-drink iced tea, meticulously brewed from real tea leaves, is best enjoyed chilled or served over ice.

It pairs perfectly with food, is all-natural, has no preservatives, is certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization and certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.


Finest Darjeeling tea leaves brewed in pure water, citric acid and natural flavors



Citizen Reviews
  • 4 Star

Love this GLASS bottled UNSWEETENED tea!

5 Stars Love this GLASS bottled UNSWEETENED tea!

from FL on wrote:

Very hard to find but worth the hunting. Originally had in So. Florida restaurant and had to find it after leaving. I order and have it shipped - completely worth it for the price. I've tried all brands, flavors and packages of 'ice tea', but nothing compares with this one - ICE COLD though.

Simply the BEST!

5 Stars Simply the BEST!

from AZ on wrote:

First had this at the Five O'clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee. Unbelievable taste for unsweetened tea, I loved it! Wish it were available in grocery stores, but glad I can order it online and it ships directly to my front door!

Best unsweetened ice tea in a bottle

5 Stars Best unsweetened ice tea in a bottle

from FL on wrote:

I've had my share of unsweetened ice teas - not being a soda drinker. This is by far the best I've had out of a bottle. It happens to be a glass bottle (best way to drink, from glass). And it's generously sized. Found at a restaurant in So. Florida, had to find for myself on line. Happy to have a 'supplier' now.

It really is the champaign of bottled tea!

5 Stars It really is the champaign of bottled tea!

from GA on wrote:

I discovered this bottled iced tea decades ago. It isn't regularly available so I love the option to buy by the case. It is so light but flavorful and has just a hint of citric acid that makes it taste wonderful. No one makes it this good, and I have tried several others. I have waited months for it to back on the market - please don't let it go out of stock again!

Best tea EVER

5 Stars Best tea EVER

from CA on wrote:

I am a diabetic and am always looking for something delicious that is not sweetened. This is the most delicious tea ever. I never get tired of it. It is so crisp and tasty. I am trying to find it here in LA I just moved here. Thank you Republic .