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The Republic of Tea has labored lovingly to create new and innovative tea experiences for our Citizens. Nowhere is this mission validated more than when our teas are recognized as sofi™ Gold Award winners. The Republic of Tea is honored to have been recognized four times for these prestigious awards that honor the best in specialty food since 1972. Our Daily Beauty and Burnout Blocker are part of the 148 winning products selected by a national panel of specialty food experts from nearly 2,000 entries across 39 categories in 2020. Every eligible entry is carefully assessed by passionate and knowledgeable food professionals including chefs, culinary experts, academics, food writers, and category buyers. Products are blind judged on taste, including flavor, appearance, texture and aroma, ingredient quality and innovation. Experience these award-wining teas for yourself and share in the joy of sipping these great-tasting teas!
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