Sweet Dreams Kit

Sweet Dreams Kit
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Sometimes we all need a little more sweetness in our lives, but for those on Ketogenic or sugar-restricted diets, options often leave something to be desired. Our answer? A keto-friendly sweetener paired with one of our great-tasting teas.

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Choose from one of the following:

Herbal Teas:

Get Some ZZZ's
Get Relaxed
Beautifying Botanicals® Beauty Sleep
Chamomile Lemon
Organic Heirloom Chamomile

Decaf Green Teas:

Decaf Wild Berry Plum Green
Decaf Ginger Peach Green
Decaf The People's Green
Organic Decaf Pomegranate Green SuperFruit Tea

Decaf Black Teas:

Decaf Blackberry Sage
Decaf British Breakfast
Keto-Friendly Sweet Decaf Black Iced Tea
Decaf Earl Greyer
Decaf Mango Ceylon
1. Select Tea
Included: Shugr Keto-Friendly Sweetener - 30 Sachets $7.99
This zero calorie, keto-friendly sweetener is a healthy alternative for citizens looking to enhance their sipping experience without added calories.
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