Premium Stone-Ground Japanese Matcha

A New World of Green Tea - Unlike regular green tea, these tender, shade-grown leaves are stone-ground to a fine powder. Instead of being steeped, Matcha is blended into water and sipped (ground powder and all). This exceptional tea is abundant in nutrients and has the balanced flavors of what is referred to as umami (literally, “yummy” in Japanese). Savory, sweet, bright and grassy, this super energizing tea is like sipping a cup of springtime.

u • matcha™ natural
Premium natural Matcha is great in lattes and smoothies. It creates a rich balance of flavors in baked goods or ice cream. Mix with salt to add a finishing touch to savory dishes or try in a spice rub for grilled meats.

u • matcha™ yuzu
The floral, tart-sweet citrus quality of yuzu lemons compliments the earthiness of premium matcha. This blend makes a bright addition to mixed drinks, spice rubs and savory dishes and is a great alternative for lemon or lime seasoning.

u • matcha™ ginger
A kick of spicy ginger wakes up the flavor of premium matcha. Refreshing as a hot or iced tea and a great addition to ice cream, baked goods, miso soup and stir fries.

u • matcha™ roasted rice
Premium matcha is blended with roasted brown rice for a pleasant nutty finish. It makes a wonderful whisked tea or latte, and provides warm nuances for sweet baked goods or savory dishes.

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