Ultimate Variety Tea Bag Assortment Jar

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Enjoy a large selection of premium single-serve tea bags in our square glass jar. A perfect gift for any tea lover.

Ultimate Tea Bag Assortment Jar includes 45 individually wrapped tea bags, three each of our most popular flavors:

-3 Good Hope Vanilla Red
-3 Mango Ceylon Black
-3 Ginger Peach Black
-3 Earl Greyer Black
-3 Peoples Green
-3 Mint Fields Herbal
-3 British Breakfast Black
-3 Blackberry Sage Black
-3 Fair Trade Cranberry Blood Orange Black
-3 Ginger Peach Green
-3 Organic Blueberry Superfruit Green
-3 Organic Pomegranate Superfruit Green
-3 Organic Acai Superfruit Green
-3 Honey Ginseng Green
-3 Chamomile Lemon Herbal

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Product Dimensions
Width: 4"
Length: 4"
Height: 7"


Caffeine content for each type of tea is available in this article from The Citizens' Tea Library.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping instructions for each type of tea are available in this article from The Citizens' Tea Library.

Citizen Reviews
  • 4.5 Star

The Blessings & Butdens of Variety

5 Stars The Blessings & Butdens of Variety

from IA on wrote:

I bought the Ultimate Variety Tea Bag Assortment Jar because I wanted to sample a cross section of your teas. When It arrived I divided the teas into 3 different cycles and also made a list where I could rate from each from 1 to 10. I've nearly completed my 1st cycle where I rate every tea. 2nd cycle will be tasting to see if my 1st impressions were right and offering any corrections. Its at this point I'll order what I like best. I 1st tried The Republic of Tea because my Keurig died and I didn't want to pay for a high priced delivery systyem - would rather spend my money on premium teas. I have to say I'm impressed and will be ordering. Right now there is a sample of Good Hope Vanilla in my cup. My top choices thus far are Republic Chai, Blackberry Sage and Organic Mint Fields. Least favorite has been Honey Ginseng. I'm eagerly looking forward to British Breakfast and Earl Greyer.

Assortment Jar

5 Stars Assortment Jar

from CA on wrote:

I really loved my assortment Jar. The container is a good size for my dining table. I rarely buy any tea at the grocery stores. I buy all my tea from here.


5 Stars Lovely

from MO on wrote:

Lovely selection. The jar is so nice too. I'm giving it a place on my counter top.

Nearly perfect

4 Stars Nearly perfect

from GA on wrote:

The reasons I say this is nearly, but not totally perfect... my beau and I both find that the jar opening is too small to get an entire hand into so, the teas almost always have to be dumped out to find the one that we want. Second reason- TROT doesn't sell "custom", or even regular 45 count bag refills for these jars.

A little too much selection

4 Stars A little too much selection

from MI on wrote:

There were some brilliant teas in this assortment, but there were also some that I was not fond of. I thought the ratio of black and green tea to white and rooibos was way off. I would like to see a more even split, especially more rooibos since those are my favorites. I think I would prefer 4 or 5 of each flavor and fewer flavors. I used many of these for a tea exchange, so by the time I tried them, there were only two of each flavor left to send out. I really loved the Honey Ginseng green and would have liked to send that out to more people.