Universal Tea Infuser

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This universal infuser rests neatly atop most cups, mugs and teapots. Plenty of room for loose tea to expand and develop full flavor. Suitable for use with our round tea bags as well.

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Product Dimensions

Diameter: 3¼"
Height: 4¾"


Stainless Steel

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Dishwasher safe

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Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star

Best Infuser I have ever owned

5 Stars Best Infuser I have ever owned

from MD on wrote:

This is by far the best infuser I have ever owned. It is made of one piece, solid construction, so it won't fall apart. It is wide enough so it fits every cup without having to fish it out of large mugs. The basket's holes are so fine that even delicate tea leaves don't slip through.

Great product!!!

5 Stars Great product!!!

from HI on wrote:

This infuser is quite handy. Like to buy teas in bulk, and do not like the bags, so this infuser is very economical.

Universal Tea Infuser

5 Stars Universal Tea Infuser

from CO on wrote:

This is very easy to use in a multitude of containers, and its fine mesh eliminates a lot of the residue.

THE Best!

5 Stars THE Best!

from WA on wrote:

I bought this infuser for my loose-leaf teas - and I am ever glad I did! It is the best infuser I've ever used! It fits tea pots and mugs. With the wide "wings" it sits nicely without falling in, and is easy to remove from whatever container is used. The mesh - which is composed of very small holes drilled into the sides and bottom - is extra fine, allowing little to no bits in your pot or mug. Very easy to clean, as well. A product well worth the price!

Best tea product

5 Stars Best tea product

from CA on wrote:

This is one of the best tea products I have ever bought, next to my mug warmer. It fits in a broad variety of mug sizes as well as tea pots. Plenty of room for your tea to open up and unravel while steeping. Some tea expands quite a bit. The tiny holes rarely let any tea leaf particles slip into your cup. Top rack Dishwasher safe. I drain the water after steeping, lay it on it's side on top of the cup for a few minutes to further drain then place it on a plate and then re-steep again later. Very durable and well built. Buy several. Stop using paper sacks.