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2018 First Flush Darjeeling Black Full-Leaf

Harvested from Thurbo Tea Garden in Darjeeling, India.

Freshly plucked by hand on March 28th, 2018.

Lovers of the leaf, rejoice! The dormancy period is over and the Darjeeling hillsides are radiant with young, fragrant leaves. Rich in flavor, these prized leaves steep a delicate cup, sure to delight the senses.

This year's outstanding tea was carefully selected from the famed Thurbo Tea Garden. Set in the rolling hills near the Nepalese border, this tea is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the best of the 2018 spring harvest. This fine tea is grown from a clone of the original China seed planted over 100 years ago.

We selected this tea on site and air freighted it to ensure the freshest tea possible. Regarded as the ultimate tea experience, only limited quantities are available.

Nature's Celebration

The first flush, or first plucking, of spring in the famed tea growing region of Darjeeling brings forth tender, delicate leaves with greenish tips. This precious selection of tea infuses a liquor golden amber in color, with fresh and invigorating aromas. This rare cup bursts of top quality Darjeeling first flush character with smooth, subtle sweet and floral notes.

The Gallery Collection Artwork

Each year, our limited edition First Spring Darjeeling tea label features original artwork that captures the essence of this rare harvest. This year's artwork, created by artist Cindy Goodman, depicts a testament to both the celebration of spring's onset, and the first tea leaves harvested in Darjeeling. This is the sixteenth in the Darjeeling Art Collectors' series.

This pure, 100% Darjeeling tea is certified by the Tea Board of India.

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