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Enjoy the Sip by Sip Lifestyle with these new premium teas.

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  • U•Matcha® Green Tea Capsules

    A New World Of Green Tea

    These capsules are compatible with original Nespresso® machines.*

    Ceremonial-style matcha tea at the push of a button! No measuring or whisking needed for a bright jade cup that is fresh, frothy and delightful with all the health benefits green tea has to offer. Sip and enjoy the smooth, velvet texture and rich, grassy springtime flavor. This energizing tea is great anytime your body and mind need a little boost.

    For a delicious matcha latte, top with foamed milk. Add sweetener if desired.

    *Nespresso® trademark is not property of The Republic of Tea or any connected subsidiaries.

  • Organic Single Sips® Sampler

    A great way to try our new organic Single Sip varieties. Each sampler includes four Single Sips: either four U•Matcha Single Sips or one of each flavor. Single Sips are easy to prepare and perfect for on-the-go sipping. Mix with cold or hot water, juice or add to yogurt, smoothies and more!

    U•Matcha Single Sips

    Premium matcha � stone ground, organic Japanese matcha green tea and monk fruit.

    Turmeric Single Sips

    Golden milk on the go � turmeric, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper and monk fruit.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Single Sips

    A tasty tonic to go � apple cider vinegar, cranberry, hibiscus and monk fruit.

    Daily Green Single Sips

    Sip your superfoods � moringa, matcha, spirulina, chlorella, lemon, mint, coconut and monk fruit.

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