7-inch Bamboo Tea Tongs

7-inch Bamboo Tea Tongs
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Our pleasingly simple, eminently useful tongs are made from bamboo, a plentiful, renewable resource. Ideal for removing our stringless tea bags from the cup or pot, they are also handy for a host of cooking tasks.

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Width: 1/4"
Length: 7"



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Citizen Reviews
  • 4 Star

Love Having These

5 Stars Love Having These

from TX on wrote:

After years of scorching my fingertips squeezing out my tea bags I finally got wise. Fortunately Republic of Tea offers these sustainable, functional tongs at an incredibly low price. Thanks!

7 inch bamboo tongs

5 Stars 7 inch bamboo tongs

from CA on wrote:

They’re great! I ordered 3. I would like a bigger (longer and maybe just a bit wider (?) size...now that I have used this size. 😉👍

Love These!

5 Stars Love These!

from AZ on wrote:

I really like these bamboo tongs. They are perfect for getting my table as teabags out of my cup and they are easy to clean.

Made out of Bamboo

5 Stars Made out of Bamboo

from FL on wrote:

Strong, won't break easily; made out of Bamboo, Eco-friendly, should hold and press it in the lower part to be able to squeeze the Tea much easier.

For tea AND toast!

5 Stars For tea AND toast!

from KS on wrote:

I bought these for my children (who were 8 and 10 at the time of my purchase) so they could easily get toast out of the toaster. I usually use full leaf tea, but I use them for the occasional tea bag when I'm out of my regular tea. They are more convenient than a spoon, and more comfortable than using bare fingers. It's been two years, and they're still holding up without stains or splintering. I do admit that I don't use them frequently for tea, so I can't say whether or not they'd stain with regular contact with tea. They're used by children several times a week for toast, and occasional other random functions, and they haven't broken or splintered.