What is Hibiscus Tea?

Intoxicating and exotic, hibiscus tea delivers a fruity and tart flavor as well as a bouquet of potential health benefits. This caffeine free herbal tea is derived from a beautiful red Nigerian flower. This tea has historically been an important beverage in African countries. Hibiscus is also the primary ingredient in the famous Caribbean beverage Agua de Jamaica.

The Republic of Tea sources the finest tea leaves and herbs for you to savor sip by sip. We love the vibrant flavor of hibiscus flowers and are always experimenting with new blends that incorporate this delightful flavor.

Hibiscus extract is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Making the flowers into tea is reputed in some societies to lower high blood pressure and is still sought after as a potential remedy for mild hypertension.*

The fruity almost cranberry-like flavor of hibiscus tea is delicious hot or iced. When steeped the tea has a sophisticated magenta red color. Perfect for serving at your next dinner party, this sweet ruby-red floral tea is a delicious indulgence. To learn more, check out our What is Hibiscus Tea? blog post. 

Hibiscus Tea Bags vs. Loose Leaf Tea

The Republic of Tea offers our premium hibiscus teas in two forms: loose leaf and tea bags. The crisp, bold juiciness of our teas comes through whether you steep it loose leaf or from a tea bag. There are benefits to both preparation methods.

Tea bags are a very convenient way to savor your tea, especially on the go! As long as you have access to hot water and your tea bags, you can make tea anywhere. Why not bring a thermos of hibiscus elixir on your next sunrise hike? Or keep a stash of hibiscus tea bags in the office for a midafternoon sweet treat? Many of our Citizens find tea bags a more convenient way to steep large pitchers of hibiscus iced tea such as our Hibiscus Sangria Iced Tea and Keto-Friendly Sweet Hibiscus Lemonade Iced Tea.

In contrast, loose leaf hibiscus tea requires some special steeping equipment. A tea strainer, infuser basket, or even a clean french press coffee maker will work. Some tea enthusiasts find that loose leaf tea yields a more flavorful sipping experience.

Brewing loose leaf tea takes a bit of extra time and effort, but many people consider this effort well worth it. Hibiscus blossom teas are particularly beautiful. It can be a wonderful meditative experience to watch the deep red dried hibiscus petals unfurl and dance in the hot water as they steep.

Hibiscus Tea Flavors

If you wish to experience the pure taste of the hibiscus flower our Biodynamic® Hibiscus Tea Bags from Egypt are a great place to start! For a loose leaf hibiscus forward tea, try our Natural Hibiscus Full-Leaf Tea.

If you are looking for the best hibiscus tea and want to try some creative blends, The Republic of Tea has you covered. We have thoughtfully combined delicious organic hibiscus tea with many other herbal allies to create unique and refreshing blends. The fruity tang and soft floral taste of hibiscus are perfectly balanced in our Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea. The tropical origins of the hibiscus plant are celebrated in our Hibiscus Coconut Tea Bags and our Hibiscus Pineapple Lychee Tea Bags.

The Republic of Tea has assembled a unique collection of convenient iced tea blends containing hibiscus for those scorching summer days. Delight your senses with one of these blends specifically designed to be enjoyed iced: Whistledown Punch, Blueberry Hibiscus Iced Tea and Plum Ginger Hibiscus Iced Tea.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

The hibiscus sabdariffa plant has been used as an herbal ally for health and well-being in Nigerian communities for many years. Further research is needed, but many tea enthusiasts and herbalists have found that drinking hibiscus tea has a myriad of health benefits.*

First of all, drinking hibiscus tea may help lower blood pressure. In one study subjects with high blood pressure drank either hibiscus tea or a placebo 3 times a day for 6 weeks. The participants who drank hibiscus tea were noted to have lower systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure at the end of the study. The conclusion of the study was that hibiscus can be a delicious tool in maintaining a healthy blood pressure range.

Another reason to enjoy delicious hibiscus tea is that it may help lower cholesterol levels.* In this study the patients who drank hibiscus tea twice daily had higher good cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol levels (including lower triglyceride levels) at the end of the one month experiment. It is amazing to think adding a few mindful moments of tea drinking in your day can have so many health benefits such as helping you lower bad cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and fight heart disease.*

Hibiscus tea is also packed with flavonoids and antioxidants that may help fight inflammation and contribute to overall well being.* Hibiscus extract is extremely rich in vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin in the body. Vitamin C is associated with absorbing iron, forming blood vessels, and stimulating the healing process. Consuming hibiscus tea daily is a wonderful way to support your body and overall health.

The rich flavor of hibiscus tea makes it a wonderful daily drink. It can contribute to your overall hydration by encouraging you to choose a caffeine free herbal tea rather than reaching for coffee, black tea, or soda. The caffeine in those other products makes them a less hydrating choice. Hydration is one of the most important factors for overall health and wellness. Choose one of our many varieties of organic hibiscus tea and you'll always have a new and exciting caffeine free herbal tea treat to look forward to.

To read more about the benefits of hibiscus tea and hibiscus extract please visit our Health Benefits of Hibiscus tea article. As more studies are done on the potential health benefits of this plant we will make sure to keep our community of Citizens informed on our blog, TeaMind Today. Hibiscus tea health benefits are still being examined so it is always recommended to speak with your doctor about any specific wellness concerns or goals.

What Does Hibiscus Tea Taste Like?

The premium dried hibiscus flowers that The Republic of Tea includes in our blends impart a fruity and tangy flavor that many taste testers compare to cranberry juice. People have been enjoying tea from these beautiful flowers for hundreds of years.

Their combination of sweet floral and tangy citrus flavors is truly unlike anything else. This is why hibiscus is one of our favorite plant powerhouses when making delectable herbal teas. You have got to taste this delicious tea for yourself! Tasting tip- a touch of honey or squeeze of lime juice brings out even richer flavors in these blossoms.


Does hibiscus tea have caffeine?

The hibiscus plant (hibiscus sabdariffa) that our tea is derived from does not produce any caffeine. You can confidently sip your organic hibiscus tea at any time of day or night knowing that it will not give you jitters or keep you up at night. This is one of the many reasons that hibiscus is a beloved herbal tea ingredient in our community.

This makes organic hibiscus tea a wonderful and healthful choice for Citizens who love great tea but desire to limit their caffeine intake. To read more visit our article - Is Hibiscus Tea Caffeine Free?

How do you prepare hibiscus tea?

Do you want to learn how to make hibiscus tea? You have come to the right place. Your tea steep method and time will vary depending on which of our 3 preparation methods you choose.

If you are using a bagged organic hibiscus tea we recommend that you pour 6 oz of just boiled filtered water over your hibiscus tea bag and let it steep for 5-7 minutes.

For steeping our loose leaf hibiscus varieties a steeping time of 5-7 minutes is recommended. When preparing a loose leaf hibiscus tea you should add 1-2 teaspoons of tea per 6 oz of boiling filtered water.

If you are preparing one of our hibiscus iced tea varieties we recommend placing one pouch with 2 cups of filtered, boiling water in a heat-safe pitcher. Steep for 5-7 minutes. Remove the pouch then stir in one heaping cup of ice until ice melts. For the perfect cool drink, add one more cup of cold water and serve over more ice. The end result is about a quart of refreshing iced elixir for you to enjoy. Store in the fridge for a sweet, cold treat at any time of day!

One of the great features of the hibiscus flower is that it does not get bitter when over-steeped like green tea or black tea will. So if you do not get your hibiscus herbal tea bag out of your cup right at the end of the ideal steeping window, you will still have a sweet and delicious cup of tea to enjoy. It just might have a stronger flavor than usual. Learn more about steeping hibiscus tea in this Republic of Tea blog article.

Did you know that when you are done with The Republic of Tea tea bags, loose leaf tea, or iced tea pouches you can compost them? Used tea bags can be very nourishing compost for gardens!

Is hibiscus tea safe during pregnancy?

You should avoid drinking hibiscus tea or consuming hibiscus extract during pregnancy. More research is needed to determine if this herbal ally is safe to use during pregnancy. Preliminary scientific findings show that hibiscus extract can have an emmenagogue effect.* This effect could cause side effects such as cramping, bleeding, or early labor.

Please consult your healthcare provider before consuming hibiscus or with any questions about the effects of hibiscus during pregnancy. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation without the advice of a healthcare practitioner.

Is hibiscus tea acidic?

This tea's enjoyable tart flavor comes from the tartaric acid naturally occurring in Hibiscus Sabdariffa blooms. Tartaric acid is also found in many sour tasting fruits. Hibiscus tea has a slightly acidic pH. Additionally, Hibiscus tea contains high levels of ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C. The overall acidity levels of Hibiscus tea are lower than that of black tea or green tea.

If you have acid reflux, sensitive teeth, or other conditions that make you sensitive to acidic flavors, you can try diluting your hibiscus tea. If acidic food and drink doesn't agree with you, you may wish to avoid hibiscus tea altogether and try one of our other delicious herbal blends instead.

What is the best time to drink hibiscus tea?

Hibiscus tea can be enjoyed at any time of day! The caffeine free nature of the plant makes it an excellent herbal tea choice even just before sleeping. There is no evidence that the health benefits of organic hibiscus tea or hibiscus extract are elevated at any particular time of day. Feel free to enjoy this sour tea served hot or iced whenever you are craving something tangy and sweet.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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