Assam Teapot - Glass Handle

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Clean lines rendered in glass, from spout to handle, showcase the beauty of our brew. The built-in enhanced stainless infuser can be used with tea bags or full leaf.

Once your tea is perfectly steeped, simply push down the press and the brewing process is stopped. There's no need to remove the bags or leaves, so the transition between brewing and pouring is seamless (and dripless). Holds 17 or 34 ounces.

More About This Product

Product Dimensions

17 oz Teapot
Width: 4¼"
Length: 6½"
Height: 4"
Height with Handle: 5½"

34 oz Teapot
Width: 5½"
Length: 7"
Height: 5"
Height with Handle: 6½"


Borosilicate Glass

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe

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Citizen Reviews
  • 4.5 Star

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from NY on wrote:

Just got my Assam Teapot in the mail today. The delivery was fast, amazing. I immediately brewed a pot of tea. I was amazed how easy it was and how much better the tea tasted. A very good purchase. Just pour the hot water im, push the handle in to stop steeping. Wow!

notice there are 2 sizes

4 Stars notice there are 2 sizes

from HI on wrote:

I like my teapot... it's pretty... but I wish I bought the smaller 17 oz (about 2 cups) because that is the amount of tea I would drink in a day. Unknowingly, I got the 34 oz (one QUART) so always have TOO MUCH.

Love My Teapot

5 Stars Love My Teapot

from PA on wrote:

I love my new teapot. My other glass one broke. I like the idea of the press to stop the brewing. My other one didn't do that. It also makes twice as much tea as my other one and I can still use the glass trivet with tea candle to keep the pot hot from the old teapot. The clean up is a breeze too. Dishwasher safe, but I still prefer to wash it by hand. I am a happy tea sipper again.

assam teapot/British Breakfast Tea

5 Stars assam teapot/British Breakfast Tea

from SC on wrote:

The combination of this type of tea pot and this loose tea is fabulous! I chose the British Breakfast tea because I wanted a full bodied tea and it delivered. If you've never used a tea press like this you will be amazed how clear and wonderful the tea will taste. Plus this company delivered faster than any other I've used. Happy Happy!

Very nice design

4 Stars Very nice design

from FL on wrote:

Perfect size for several cups of tea. Good size basket allows for plenty of tea, or bulkier blends. My only quibble (and it is a small one) is that the plunger does not glide very well. Hard to push in, and hard to pull up. Perhaps it will loosen up over time. I would definitely buy this pot again.