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Blackberry Sage Black Tea Bags

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Tea For Wisdom - An enchanting blend of black tea, fruit and herbs. Finest quality tea leaves mingle with sweet, fragrant blackberries and cool, soothing white sage. The mild, head-clearing character of the white sage herb contributes to a wise tea mind.

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Blackberry Sage Black Tea Bags
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Our ministers have scoured the world for the finest tea leaves and herbs in existence. These leaves and herbs are the economies upon which The Republic of Tea thrives and what it offers to its citizens across the world.


Black tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour 6 oz water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes.


Fine black tea, natural blackberry flavor and sage



Country of Origin

India, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia

Amplify Your Tea Experience

Enhance your tea drinking experience with a delicious tea sweetener or the perfect sipware.

Organic Agave Nectar
Travel Tea Press
Shugr Keto-Friendly Sweetener

Benefits of Blackberry Sage Black Tea Bags

Blackberries contain high levels of anthocyanins, and are packed with vitamins and polyphenols - all of which help combat free radicals.

Long used in ritualistic cleansings of spaces (smudging), white sage has traditionally been used as a remedy for everything from sore throat to heartburn.

4 Benefits of Black Tea
  1. Black tea is a healthier choice than coffee for jiterless energy and increased focus.*
  2. Premium black tea contains antioxidants including polyphenols, flavonoids and amino acids. It is thought that these components contribute to the relief of stress.
  3. Black tea is naturally fat free and calorie free so you can indulge without guilt.
  4. Black tea is great for sharing with a friend!

Fun Facts About Blackberry Sage

  1. Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins, blackberries and blueberries are among the most healthful fruits.*
  2. Blackberries have adapted to grow almost everywhere on earth.
  3. Sage pairs nicely with blackberries, adding a touch of savory sophistication.
  4. We created this blend for songwriter and singer Jennifer Warnes, winner of multiple Academy Awards for Best Original Song.
  5. Citizens rave about Blackberry Sage over ice. Just steep 2 tea bags in 6 oz of hot water. Infuse 3-5 minutes. Pour over lots of ice.
  6. Also available in a full-leaf loose tea format.

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Blackberry Sage Black Tea Bags Reviews

The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars (391)
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
My favorite by far
5 Stars This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

from OK on wrote:
I have been drinking this tea for years. It is by far my favorite. It is the perfect blend of black tea and blackberry. The sage is a subtle depth to enhance the blueberry taste; however, it is not dominant at all and does not overpower. Please do not be put off by the thought of sage. It is a perfect complement to the blackberry tones. If you love blackberry tea, this one is for you. I have gotten my significant other hooked on Republic of Tea!

I pair this with a HiCAF Pom-berry for a smoother HICAF taste
5 Stars This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

from GA on wrote:
I use a 17/18 oz travel mug and I pair this with a HiCAF Pom-berry for a smoother HICAF taste

This is phenomenal!!
5 Stars This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

from OH on wrote:
I just received my box yesterday...the smell from this tin (I bought 3) was so yummy! I had just made a cup when our daughter came home from school. She asked what smelled so good...I told her it was my tea (she's NOT a tea lover). She tasted it and was hooked, even made a cup to take to school the next day. You will NOT be disappointed! It's my favorite from Republic of Tea, so far!

5 Stars This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

from WA on wrote:
One could not ask for a more perfect cup of tea! Oftentimes, the aroma far exceeds the flavor, but not in this case. This tea has the perfect synchronization of both!

Blackberry Sage
5 Stars This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

from SC on wrote:
We LOVE the blackberry sage ice tea BUT we wish it came in larger sizes so that we can make a pitcher of it to last all day...