Safety Testing

Posted: 04/08/2023

Naturally Unbleached Teabags

Teabags from The Republic of Tea come in our signature unbleached round paper teabags with no unnecessary strings, tags, or staples – the same way we have been making great tasting tea bags for over 30 years.  The Republic of Tea does not make nylon or “silken” tea bags.

Tea Safety

The Republic of Tea sources only the highest-quality tea grown in the premier tea gardens in the world. From the Wuyi Mountains of China to the island of Sri Lanka, we treasure our long term relationships with each supplier.

All of our teas are naturally produced. All of our teas are inspected and undergo the most stringent of quality assurance processes at the garden level before they are shipped. Once they arrive at our packaging facility, they are inspected again.

We take this process very seriously to ensure that we’re providing our Citizens with the highest quality and safest teas from each unique origin.

Tea from Japan

All of the premium teas and herbs of The Republic of Tea (including teas from Japan) undergo extensive testing prior to purchase and prior to entering into the United States. Then, again after its arrival in our warehouse, the teas are tested again.

Prior to importing these teas, The Republic of Tea will continue to conduct extensive testing and quality control checks to ensure the future tea harvests are safe for our Citizens to sip.

The following teas harvested since 2010 from The Republic of Tea originate or include ingredients from Japan that have passed our quality control standards:

Big Green Hojicha Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea
Tea of Inquiry Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea
Spring Cherry Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea
Sencha Kyoto Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea
Rare Tea Organic Premium Sencha Green Tea
Rare Tea Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder
Matcha Stone-Ground Green Tea Powder
Tea of Inquiry Green Tea Bag Tea
Spring Cherry Green Tea Bag Tea
Double Green Matcha Tea Bag Tea
u•matcha™ natural
u•matcha™ ginger
u•matcha™ roasted rice
u•matcha™ yuzu

For further queries please feel free to contact The Republic of Tea at: 1-800-298-4832

Sipware Safety

From exquisite tea pots to all manner of brewing accessories, The Republic of Tea Sipware is thoroughly examined and accredited by a globally recognized product safety testing organization before the goods are permitted to leave the factory in the country of origin. Sipware is in compliance with all safety, regulatory and government standards, including tests for safe harbor levels of lead and cadmium. Further, all The Republic of Tea Sipware meets The U.S. Food and Drug Administration national requirements before it is sold in the United States; in accordance with California Proposition 65.

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