4 Amazing White Tea Benefits for Wellness

Posted: 09/11/2023

Twenty years ago The Republic of Tea pioneered the sale of white tea in the West. Since then this tea variety has become a special favorite of our community. Famously, white tea can only be hand harvested two days a year when the tea leaves and buds are still covered in fine white hairs. Then the fresh leaves and buds are carefully air dried before packaging. This delicate harvesting process creates a light golden tea that has a low amount of caffeine and is mellow, fragrant, fresh and sweet. The minimal processing of our white tea means that it is especially rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants in white tea are of special interest to doctors and scientists who study the positive health effects of tea. In this article we have rounded up some of the most exciting research on the health benefits of white tea to share with you. So steep yourself a cup of one of our rare white tea varieties before reading on to learn all about the wellness benefits of this delicious tea.

White Tea Improves Dental Health*

Giving us all reason to smile – white tea has been linked to healthy teeth and gums.* Drinking white tea coats your teeth in catechins, fluoride and tannins. Catechins have been shown to impede plaque formation.* White tea has been shown to contain healthy levels of fluoride, which help strengthen tooth enamel.* The combination of tannins and fluoride in white tea helps impede bacteria growth while protecting your teeth.* Because of its very pale color white tea is also less likely to stain your teeth than black tea. So go ahead – order another tin of white tea – your pearly whites will thank you.*

White Tea May Protect Against Osteoporosis*

Maintaining strong and healthy bones while aging can be challenging. 44 million Americans over 50 suffer from osteoporosis – a disease that leads to decreased bone mass and bone density. Scientists interested in helping those with osteoporosis have been studying how white tea can help maintain bone density.* There have been some very promising findings including white tea reducing bone resorption in osteoporotic rats and scientists observing that the EGCG in tea inhibits the formation of problematic osteoclasts.* White tea has shown promising benefits for bone health but there is still much to learn and more research is needed.

White Tea Features Healthy Antioxidants*

White tea is the least processed of the teas harvested from the Camellia sinensis plant. Therefore white tea is regarded to have the highest levels of healthy antioxidants preserved in the tea leaves when compared to green and black teas.* The antioxidant polyphenol is
especially high in white tea. This powerful antioxidant has been linked to boosted immunity and heart disease prevention.* Researchers are eagerly studying the benefits of white tea and the amazing polyphenols it contains. More research is needed, but the next time you pour yourself a steaming mug of white tea you can enjoy it knowing your cup is brimming with antioxidants that may support your health.*

White Tea Supports Healthy Insulin Levels*

Maintaining proper insulin levels is essential to overall health and well being. Insulin is responsible for moving nutrients from your bloodstream to your cells. Imbalances in insulin can cause type two diabetes, metabolic syndromes and heart diseases. Scientists have found that tea has insulin enhancing properties. A 2013 study found that green tea reduced fasting insulin concentrations. White tea is sourced from the same tea plant but is less processed than green tea, so more research is definitely needed on how white tea might affect fasting insulin concentrations. White tea has been found to reduce diabetes related anomalies in animal test subjects. White tea has lots of exciting potential health benefits, and as new research emerges we will definitely keep The Republic of Tea Citizens informed here on the Tea Mind Today® Blog.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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