Christmas Tea Traditions

Posted: 12/14/2018

20 Years of Comfort & Joy

The Republic of Tea has offered Comfort & Joy Black Tea for over 20 years, delighting generations during the holiday season. Over the years, many Citizens have reached out to let us know that this festive, flavorful black tea blend is an integral part of their Christmas traditions.

Some families sip and relax around the tree on Christmas morning, while others drink as they wrap presents and listen to holiday music. We wish for these traditions unique to Comfort & Joy Black Tea to continue for many generations to come. If you or your family has special memories surrounding this beloved blend, please send us a note to share your story. We love hearing from our Citizens!

We also encourage every family to begin their own Christmas tea traditions during the holiday season. Perhaps you can share a warm cuppa while decorating the tree and hanging stockings, or while relaxing after dinner on Christmas Eve. You may even wish to exchange tea as gifts or stocking stuffers.

The Republic of Tea offers many Christmas Teas that celebrate the season and encourage togetherness. We cannot imagine any better way of bonding with loved ones during this wonderful time of the year!

Below, we have rounded up some of our favorite Christmas tea traditions. We hope these will inspire you as you celebrate the winter holidays and make your own family customs!

Christmas Caroling

Caroling has been a holiday tradition in England since the Victorian era. In the early 1800s, young men and women in the English countryside would travel from door-to-door, singing songs and offering flavorful hot teas made from mulled spices to their neighbors.

During these early times, caroling was commonly known as “wassailing,” and the spiced tea was served in a “wassail bowl.” Many of the most popular Christmas carols were written during this era, including favorites like “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and “Joy to the World.”

Over the years, the use of the wassail bowl has largely been forgotten, even as the tradition of caroling lives on. However, you will still find many dedicated carolers cupping warm mugs of seasonal spiced teas as they sing joyful songs.

Christmas Tea Parties

Yet another tradition hailing from Victorian-era England, the holiday tea party is a cherished event for many people. It all began when teetotalers—fed up with the displays of public drunkenness they witnessed every winter season—started a movement to transform Christmas from a wine and beer holiday to a tea holiday.

The group would host massive tea parties on Christmas Eve, with thousands in attendance. Foie gras and smoked salmon finger sandwiches, mincemeat pies, and decadent desserts became part of the tradition, along with opulent decorations.

The custom quickly spread to the United States, and even today it is common for hotels in both countries to throw luxurious Christmas Eve tea parties. Many individuals also host their own parties, inviting friends and family to drink hot tea and celebrate the season together.

Christmas Cookies & Tea

Baking cookies is a beloved Christmas tradition for many families. What pairs more perfectly with a soft, warm cookie fresh from the oven than a soothing mug of hot tea?

Steep a pot of your favorite seasonal tea as you mix, roll, and cut the dough into festive shapes. Hot tea is also the perfect accompaniment if you plan to host a cookie decorating party or holiday cookie swap.

However you choose to celebrate the Christmas season, we wish everyone a joyful holiday!

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