Is Hibiscus Tea Caffeine Free?

Posted: 11/24/2021

You put on your comfy flannel pajamas, slide your feet into your fuzzy slipper socks and head down to the kitchen for a nightcap. All you can think about is a steaming cup of tea to warm you up after a long day. You look through your tea selection but pause with your hand on the tin of your favorite fruity red tea.

Wait, you think, should I drink this before bed? Is hibiscus tea caffeine free? Nothing ruins a cozy night faster than tossing and turning for hours instead of drifting off into a relaxing slumber.

Luckily, you do not have to lose sleep over sipping hibiscus tea at night. It is free from caffeine and packed with beneficial disease-fighting antioxidants. It is a bedtime drink you can feel good about.

What is Hibiscus Tea?

What is hibiscus tea made of? Organic hibiscus tea is a caffeine-free herbal beverage made from the dried calyxes of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. When steeped in boiling water, the dried hibiscus flower produces a sour tea that has a taste similar to fresh cranberries. Some other things you should know about hibiscus flower tea include:

  • Hibiscus tea also looks like cranberry juice—when steeped, the tea is a vivid red
  • People can enjoy hibiscus tea as a hot cup or hibiscus iced tea 
  • You can add sweetener to balance the tart taste or sip this tart-sour  tea plain

Hibiscus flower tea is also available in many blends that incorporate other fruits and spices, such as berries, melons, cinnamon and vanilla. There is likely to be a flavor mixture that will delight your senses as you wind down from the day. 

Why is Hibiscus Tea Good for You?

What are the benefits of hibiscus tea? Along with being a tasty, caffeine-free drink, organic hibiscus tea is good for you. While research is ongoing about the health benefits of this beverage, there are several known ways in which sipping hibiscus tea can benefit you.

#1 Hibiscus Tea is Hydrating

You know that you must drink water to stay hydrated throughout the day. However, did you know that sipping herbal tea can also help you meet your hydration needs? Unsweetened herbal teas are a much better thirst-quenching choice than sugary sodas, energy drinks and juices. 

It is critical that you drink at least 8 cups of water a day—why not make one of them a delicious cup of tea? When you are properly hydrated, your:

  • Brain functions more effectively*
  • Skin is healthier*
  • Digestive system works correctly*
  • Heart and kidneys operate optimally*
  • Energy levels remain higher*

That is right—you do not need to chug caffeinated beverages to stoke your energy levels. The simple act of staying hydrated can increase your energy levels and keep you feeling happy and healthy. 

#2 Hibiscus Tea May Have Some Health Benefits*

Studies have found that one hibiscus tea benefit may include a lower blood pressure among those who drink the red elixir regularly due to its antioxidant properties. 

Specifically, a study summarized in The Journal of Nutrition found that patients with high blood pressure experienced a significant drop in cholesterol levels as well as both systolic and diastolic blood pressure after drinking hibiscus tea three times a day for six weeks.

#3 Hibiscus Tea is Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin C

Hibiscus tea is also an excellent source of antioxidants such as Vitamin C. The antioxidants found in hibiscus tea are called flavonoids. These tiny molecules are powerful fighters in the battle to keep your body healthy. 

A diet containing plenty of foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins is essential for keeping your body functioning properly. The tasks these flavonoids help regulate include:

  • Reducing inflammation throughout your body*
  • Preventing the build-up of harmful free radicals*
  • Boosting collagen levels to keep your skin youthful
  • Absorbing and storing iron
  • Limiting risk factors for cardiovascular disease*
  • Keeping your eyes healthy

 Check out how long to steep hibiscus teato enjoy its benefits. 

What Are the Side Effects of Drinking Hibiscus Tea?

While most people can safely drink hibiscus tea in moderation, it might cause problems for those who take certain medications. You should speak with your doctor if you have any chronic health conditions or take medications for:

  • High blood pressure*
  • Diabetes*
  • Malaria treatment and prevention*

People who take diuretics and pregnant or nursing/ lactating women should also speak with their doctor about the safety of hibiscus tea. 

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Hibiscus tea is an excellent choice of brew for your nighttime ritual. It is delicious and packed with vitamins and antioxidants. If you are someone who should not drink hibiscus tea because of your medications, we have plenty of other delicious herbal teas to choose from.

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