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The Cup of Dessert Herb Tea - A rich, exotic taste of this herbal infusion combines coconut, cocoa and chocolate to produce a thick, naturally sweet, tropical cup. Carob intensifies the chocolate flavor without adding any caffeine. Enjoy at any latitude as a warming, low-calorie cup of dessert. Nice with a splash of milk.

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea was featured on NBC Today Show as one of the top 10 Skinny Foods all dieters should try and in Woman's World.


Roasted carob, roasted chicory, dates, coconut flavor, cocoa powder and natural chocolate flavor


< 5 calories per serving

Country of Origin


Low in Caffeine

Citizen Reviews
  • 4.5 Star

Absolutely delicious and tastes just like cocoa and coconut candy bars

5 Stars Absolutely delicious and tastes just like cocoa and coconut candy bars

from MN on wrote:

This tea is awesome! I was honestly expecting it to be a watered down chocolaty flavor (sorry RoT! I should have more faith!) so I only ordered 2 tea bags in a custom tea bag set. I added a packet of stevia, which it didn't even need because this tea is phenomenal! It tastes EXACTLY like some coconut chocolate macaroons I buy at my local health food store - but now I can replace them with this tea as a sugar free treat! I wish I would have ordered the full size because I drank both tea bags the day they arrived and now have to wait 5 days for the tin to get shipped to me! Thanks Republic of Tea!


5 Stars Heaven

from NY on wrote:

Rich cocoa laced with a hint of creamy coconut, and just a touch of sweetness. Needs nothing, but a splash of milk is a nice add. Very soothing.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from NH on wrote:

Chocolate and Coconut in a tea. Hot or iced w a little almond milk. love it!!!

Chocolate Tea

4 Stars Chocolate Tea

from KS on wrote:

I dislike tea and tried this and I can’t say I loved it but I did like it more than I expected. I drank the whole cup.


5 Stars YUM!

from SC on wrote:

This might be the best dessert tea I have ever tasted! Initially, I ordered it to have after dinner while I was dieting in the hopes that it would satisfy my desire for something sweet (I uses little stevia to sweeten it) after the main meal. Well, it certainly did that, plus, it has become my little treat to myself when I have a difficult day. Everyone I have served it to said they loved it as well. If you like coconut and chocolate, I don’t see how you can go wrong trying this one.