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Welcome to The Republic of Tea Bakeshop! Craving something sweet and satisfying? Nothing beats a homemade dessert, still warm from the oven — but our decadent Cuppa Cake teas are the next best thing (and without the sugar or calories). Each of these unique blends features the rich aroma of freshly baked goods. Steep a cuppa tea and delight in the nostalgic taste of your favorite dessert recipes. Which flavor profile is calling to your taste buds today: old-fashioned yellow cake slathered with a thick layer of caramel vanilla frosting; airy chiffon cake topped with lemon icing and coconut shavings; buttery shortcake layered with ripe strawberries and cream; or one of our other delicious Cuppa Cake flavors?

These premium, one-of-a-kind teas offer all the indulgence without the inevitable sugar crash, making them the ideal guilt-free treat. Have your cake and sip it too!
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