Cuppa Chocolate Tea® Assortment

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with a guilt free indulgence. Our Cuppa Chocolate Tea® Assortment features an assortment of four zero calorie and one low calorie chocolate herb teas. Each has low to no caffeine

As featured in Woman's World, "Warm up with a cup of chocolate tea."

Each Cuppa Chocolate Assortment includes 24 individually wrapped tea bags:

5 - Red Velvet Chocolate Rooibos Tea
5 - Coconut Cocoa Herbal Tea
5 - Strawberry Chocolate Rooibos Tea
5 - Peppermint Chocolate Rooibos Tea
4 - Banana Chocolate Rooibos Tea

Citizen Reviews
  • 4 Star

Nice hot or iced

5 Stars Nice hot or iced

from PA on wrote:

It’s. Ice to have a nice summer beverage without caffeine.


5 Stars Amazing

from VA on wrote:

I’m a fat girl that loves her sweets. So with dieting I use these for my dessert.... amazing!!!! Strawberry/chocolate and Banana/chocolate are my favorite so far. The red velvet one I could do without and the mint one was good. I have yet to try to coconut one but I can only imagine it will be great.

Tried some new teas

5 Stars Tried some new teas

from CA on wrote:

I liked having the chance to try some new teas before purchasing a lot of them. I really liked the strawberry roibo... (spell?), but not the banana. And I loved the red chocolate tea.

Great Assortment

4 Stars Great Assortment

from IL on wrote:

I've been drooling over this pack for a while before I decided to buy it. I was interested in the idea of a chocolate tea. Don't expect it to replace hot chocolate, but as a desert tea I like it. I definitely like some of the flavors more than others - but that's the fun of a variety pack, you get to try them before you buy a whole big can! I probably won't buy the mix again, but I will be buying some of the big cans of the flavors I like. Thanks for providing this sampler pack!

some good, some great some not so

4 Stars some good, some great some not so

from CA on wrote:

the red velvet was my least favorite and it surprised me but the coconut and banana I'm ordering more of today. I thought I would love the mint and strawberry but not as much, for me they are good but not as much as the coconut and banana.