Dream•Latte Herbal Tea Capsules

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Dream•Latte Herbal Tea Capsules

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The Latte You've Been Dreaming Of
Sip this satisfying, sweet and creamy plant-based latte and surrender to sleep. At the push of a button, this all-in-one capsule produces a velvety, dessert-style berry blue tea with calming ashwagandha, valerian and hops. Curl up and wind down for the evening with this smooth herbal tea latte.

In this indulgent and functional treat, adaptogenic valerian root and ashwagandha blended with hops can encourage relaxation and sleep for a peaceful evening. The vibrant blue color of the latte is also due to phycocyanin in the blue spirulina and the anthocyanin in the blue butterfly pea flower, which hold powerful antioxidant properties. Low in calories and carbs, this delectable treat can satisfy a sweet tooth without the guilt of overindulging.

Sip your favorite tea lattes without contributing to environmental waste - featuring a commercially compostable capsule body, simply remove the foil lid and save the body for composting.

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Dream•Latte Herbal Tea Capsules
Additional Details

These Dream•Latte Capsules are compatible with original Nespresso® machines.*

Not compatible with K-Cup Pod Machines

*Nespresso® trademark is not property of The Republic of Tea® or any connected subsidiaries.

image of directions to dispose of the capsules: step 1: peel off the foil lid completely and recycle. Step 2: empty the tea from the capsule. Step 3: Commercially compost your empty tea capsule.

Caffeine content for each type of tea is available in this Caffeine in Tea article from The Citizens’ Tea Library.

Steeping Instructions

Shake capsule before use for full flavor. Simply place the capsule in the machine opening and select the Lungo setting. We recommend frequent cleaning of your machine by running a water cycle (with no capsule) to ensure optimum brewing. Store capsules in a cool, dry place.


Oat milk powder, cane sugar, organic mixed berry flavor with other natural flavors, natural non-dairy condensed milk flavor, organic blue spirulina extract, natural flavor, organic blue butterfly pea flower extract, valerian root extract, hops extract, KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract, sugarcane Reb M and organic monk fruit



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