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Our passion for fruit teas is unparalleled. The Republic of Tea blend masters love to pair the delicate flavors of tea leaves and herbs with the succulent and tangy qualities of fruit. The recipe for our perfectly crafted fruit tea bags is simple: we start with the finest herbal, black, red or green tea leaves and add the essence of ripe fruits to make flavored tea blends you’ll crave. Over the years we have developed truly phenomenal fruit tea pairings that our Citizens purchase over and over again. Some fan favorite fruit flavored teas include: Ginger Peach Black Tea, Mango Ceylon Tea, Açaí Green Tea, and Pineapple Guava White Tea.
Pairing the zing of fruit with tea leaves really brings out the nuanced floral notes in our premium teas and herbs. With so many fruit teas to choose from, your only problem will be which delectable fruit tea to try first. Why not try a sampler of our most popular fruit flavored tea to find your favorites? Each of these teas is sure to delight your senses and bring to mind the orchards, berry brambles and tropical rainforests where we source all of our full-flavored and luscious fruits.
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