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$16.50 - Tin - 50 Tea Bags #40069
$69.00 - Bulk - 250 Tea Bags #30569
$16.00 - Refill - 50 Tea Bags #41069

This rare tea offers the lushness of a fancy peach seasoned with the tingle of spicy ginger in a base of 100% White Tea. For thousands of years, the peach has been China's darling of longevity.

Authentic 100% White Tea only grows in the majestic mountains of China's Fujian Province. Tender white downy buds are hand-plucked just two days of the year, right before the leaf opens. With small yields and high demands, it remains one of the world's most rare teas. We are honored to offer you this season's harvest featuring delicate flavor notes and a sweet, lingering finish. White tea is the least processed of all tea varietals and retains more of its antioxidants, known as polyphenols. Discover tea in its most natural state and raise a cup to good health.


100% White Tea is low in caffeine. More about caffeine.


100% White Tea, natural peach flavor and ginger



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Citizen Reviews
  • 4.5 Star

My favorite tea ever!

5 Stars My favorite tea ever!

from NY on wrote:

I look forward to waking up just to experience the glorious peachy aroma of this white tea. I'm not a coffee drinker so I would think my passion for this delicious tea is equal to those who passionately fall in love with their expectations for a cup of coffee......But not me, it's this awesome peachy experience that every morning must have in order for me to feel I've started my day off just right. It's low in caffeine so I'm not jolted like coffee used to do to me...It tastes just like it smells...richly peachy! And if I see I'm running too low, I almost panic that I "could" run out. So I don't allow that to ever happen. I order large back up bags and always keep my tin filled to the top. That way, no chance I'm ever going to run out. The thought of Republic of Tea running out though, would be rather terrifying to me!

My favorite white tea!

5 Stars My favorite white tea!

from NY on wrote:

First time I tasted this tea I realized I couldn't give it up. It smells so awesome in the can...just like fresh peaches. The's indescribable...because now there are hints of white tea which I honestly don't like without something added. I don't even add honey. I often double the tea bags in my large 16 oz mug, use them a second time and even the second cup tastes fine. Not bitter unless you forget to remove the teabag after a few minutes. I wake up every morning looking forward to my delicious peachy white tea. It used to be that I wanted coffee but after giving it up due to the insane caffeine jittery feeling even green tea would sometimes be causing jitters. This white tea is me great antioxidants and just enough caffeine not to jolt me. I'm super sensitive to caffeine and so happy to have found the perfect solution to a great morning beverage. I always make sure to have a few backup refill bags in the house because the thought of running out of this tea is almost too awful to imagine...LOL

My Go to Tea

5 Stars My Go to Tea

from TX on wrote:

This is my favorite. I start of with a big travel mug (I put honey in it) and drink it hot in the morning. After lunch, I add ice and shake and finish it in the afternoon. It’s delicious and delicate.

Addicted to this tea!

5 Stars Addicted to this tea!

from NY on wrote:

I always drank green tea but even the small amount of caffeine prevented me from drinking very much of it. Thought I'd try white tea because the caffeine level is lower. I love the flavor of peaches and decided to try this tea. I can't wait for breakfast to have my first cup of this tea. And then a second cup a few hours later. I can even drink it late at night and not be kept awake. Just a delicious flavor. Very peachy and not too much ginger. I can't go a day without my new favorite tea.

For a friend

5 Stars For a friend

from VA on wrote:

I purchase this tea every year as a Christmas gift for a friend I have known for over 20 years. She absolutely loves this ginger white tea and has told me many times that this is the best present she could get.