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Greet the day with these robust, best selling high caffeine teas. If you are looking for tea with the most caffeine, you are in the right place. Our caffeinated teas will give you a focused energy boost so you can start your morning right. The Republic of Tea’s specially formulated HiCAF® tea contains more caffeine than coffee. Those who are not fans of the flavor of coffee will love these caffeine teas, available in unique flavors such as Pom-berry and Gingermint. The Republic of Tea has searched the globe for the premium ingredients that create inspired flavor profiles in these high caffeine teas.
Strong caffeine teas stimulate your senses and wake you up. Caffeinated tea gives you the energy you need to tackle your to-do list with a smile. Many Citizens report the caffeine boost that they get from our caffeine tea gives them a more stable and sustained energy boost than coffee or energy drinks. Instead of reaching for the same old coffee, spice up your morning routine with delectable high caffeine tea flavors such as Cinnamon Toast and Passionfruit Papaya. Try one of these teas with high caffeine content and experience the energy benefits yourself.
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