Teas for the Holidays
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Teas for the Holidays

'Tis the season to try each of our holiday teas!
This holiday tea assortment is a great gift or stocking stuffer. Each Teas for the Holidays assortment gift set contains 24 individually-wrapped tea bags:

6 - Comfort and Joy
6 - Cinnamon Vanilla
6 - Pumpkin Spice
6 - Peppermint Bark

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Teas for the Holidays
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TEAs the Season!
The time is right for a little cheer every day. Cozy up with a cup of our premium holiday tea and discover your new favorite tradition today.


Caffeine content for each type of tea is available in this Caffeine in Tea article from The Citizens’ Tea Library.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping instructions for each type of tea are available in this How to Steep Tea article from The Citizens’ Tea Library. We recommend using 6 oz of water per tea bag for all our teas.


Varies by tea - Visit links in description for specific information.



Country of Origin


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