Jerry Cherry Black Tea Bags

Jerry Cherry Black Tea Bags
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We're pleased to reintroduce this previously retired Limited Edition favorite. This playful black tea is blended with the essence of ripe Bing cherries and the sweet notes of vanilla. The duo of fun flavors will dance in your mouth and just might bring a smile to your lips. This release is available for a limited time. When it's gone it's gone.


Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Organic Black Tea from India, natural cherry and vanilla flavors.



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Citizen Reviews
  • 4.5 Star

Jerry Cherry Merry Merry!

5 Stars Jerry Cherry Merry Merry!

from GA on wrote:

I’ve been enjoying the Jerry Cherry tea ever since I bought the collectible canisters decades ago. Thankfully I can still purchase the refill envelope of bags to refill them. The delicate balance of cherry and vanilla add a wonderful tone to the black tea, and sometimes I add a tea bag of blackberry sage or ginger peach to give a layer of extra happy to the experience!

Lovely Flavor

5 Stars Lovely Flavor

from TX on wrote:

I have tried quite a few cherry teas, and this is by far my favorite!

A really good tea my entire family enjoys

4 Stars A really good tea my entire family enjoys

from AZ on wrote:

I am always looking for a good berry flavored tea since they are very difficult to find without a lot of other flavors also mixed in. Jerry Cherry was the first one I have ever found that had a very good flavor with no bitterness or unwanted flavors. It was consistently enjoyable with nothing to spoil the flavors. I made the mistake of commenting on this out loud. My daughter overheard that and wanted a sip. She immediately grabbed a glass and poured some for herself. By the middle of the afternoon my entire "work day" pot was gone. My wife does not like teas but she tried it as I groused about needing to make a new pot and she also commented on the flavor. I have 2 "dislikes" of Jerry Cherry which is why I did not give it 5 stars. The first is that it took some experimenting to find the right amount to use for making iced tea. I suspect that it took longer than I wanted to find the best way to brew Jerry Cherry for iced tea because I had to adjust my normal iced tea process that I normally use to reduce any bitterness that some teas sometimes produced. While that is not the teas fault, I blame the Republic of Tea for not warning me how good Jerry Cherry would be. My second dislike, and the main reason for only 4 stars, was the flavor is a little too subtle for my tastes. I would have liked the cherry flavors to be a little more bold or distinct. I will see if I can achieve that on my own by changing how I prepare it in the future. Now my biggest issue is deciding which of my current tea staples will be displaced by Jerry Cherry.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from MA on wrote:

This was one of my favorite teas back when it was first released. I was so thrilled to see that it had made a return, even if the gorgeous tin is no longer available. It tastes wonderful - I missed it so much while it was gone. I really wish that this could come back as a regular item, not a limited edition.

Jerry G.

5 Stars Jerry G.

from CA on wrote:

Very aromatic and flavorful tea. My husband got a whiff of the aroma when I first brewed a cup and thought it irresistible. He asked for a cup and has done so each time since. In self defense, I immediately ordered a refill of a tea I had just received. Got to read the handwriting on the wall!