Organic Agave Nectar

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This all-natural, organic Agave Nectar is sustainable harvested by hand from live agave plants in central Mexico. The ideal sweetener for hot or iced tea - it pours and dissolves easily, does not crystallize and enhances tea without imparting additional flavor. It is a healthy alternative to other sweeteners because of its low glycemic index.


Pure, USDA certified organic agave nectar

Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star

Never Would’ve Thought...

5 Stars Never Would’ve Thought...

from CT on wrote:

I’ve always known Agave makes a mean Margarita. I never would’ve thought this stuff would be better in tea than honey?! It’s a low glycemic sweetener, never crystallizes, and this brand is great. Agave is just plain better than anything else to bring out all those subtle flavors in all types of tea.

Great substitute for honey!

5 Stars Great substitute for honey!

from MD on wrote:

As much as I have enjoyed using honey for my tea, I actually hate it how it crystallizes over time and can get very sticky and messy. But thankfully, I don't get those problems with the agave nectar! It tastes (at least, to me) less sweet than honey, but it's also just right to emphasize or bring out the tea's true flavors without it tasting too sweet or artificial. This sweetener just works the BEST for me!

So sweet

5 Stars So sweet

from IA on wrote:

My friend made some lovely lemonade recently sweetened with Agave Nectar. I liked it so much, I added it to an order from Republic of Tea. Less than a teaspoon in a cup of The People's Green tea is just right. I also dribble it on homemade zucchini muffins just out of the oven.


5 Stars Super

from AL on wrote:

Usualy I use sone honey in my tea or milk. This is sooooo perfect. Natural and taste realy good

Great Taste

4 Stars Great Taste

from WA on wrote:

The Organic Agave Nectar is very nice. I like the fact that it has a low glycemic index. I purchased it because of that, since I am a diabetic. I'm not so sure that it's healthier since it is close to the same as honey in sugar. But some teas taste a bit better with a little sweetener. I found that this is just the right amount of sweetness using 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of Agave.