Organic Double Dark® Chocolate Maté

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Organic Double Dark® Chocolate Maté

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Dynamic Duo
It's a match made in heaven: organic, roasted Yerba Maté blended with organic dark cocoa powder in a guilt-free, full-bodied dessert tea. Dark chocolate contains polyphenols — which can help maintain longevity and good health. Savor the allure of organic, roasted Yerba Maté as it mingles with the satisfying flavors of organic dark chocolate. Nice with a splash of warm milk.

A South American native, Yerba Maté comprises one of the region's most popular herbal teas. Blanched, dried over wood smoke and aged, this herb imparts distinctive roasted notes. Most of all, this organic, roasted Yerba Maté is heralded for its antioxidants. So sip to your health with this rich and decadent blend.

Powdery on Purpose
As you open this tin, you may notice a faint, wispy cloud of powder. It seeps a bit from your tea bags, finding its way to the bottom of your cup. With it, you are consuming all of the nutrients of this tea.

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Organic Double Dark® Chocolate Maté
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Double Teas
Experience the intensely delicious flavor of our Double Tea! Your kettle will love these tea bags – filled with a combination of organic roasted Yerba Maté and dark cocoa powder, they produce herbal tea with strong and bold flavor. Steep our organic Double Teas in your favorite teapot and savor the pure flavor of premium maté tea.

chart of the caffine content

Unlike most herbs, Yerba Maté naturally contains caffeine. This herbal blend has about half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping Double Dark Maté tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to boiling. Infuse the tea bag in 6 oz of the heated water for approximately seven minutes. When removing the tea bag, give it a slight squeeze. Enjoy Sip by Sip.


Organic roasted carob, organic roasted Yerba Maté, organic cocoa, organic natural flavors and organic chicory


< 5 calories per serving

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