If you have ever sipped a cup of our British Breakfast or Mango Ceylon teas, then you have delighted in the premium black tea leaves of Sri Lanka. An island off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is known for its rich tradition of women harvesting tea by hand. Through their skills, strength and dedication, these women drive local economies and boost their communities in the process.

Working with the international nonprofit, the Ethical Tea Partnership, and a local nonprofit, the PALM Foundation, we have crafted a program in Sri Lanka focused on nutrition, hygiene, and financial literacy, with the goal of elevating thousands of women and their families. Together with our Citizens, we are starting to bring prosperity to women and their families, helping transform teatime into a more positive force for good.

Since the inception of our program, more than 27,000 people and 6 gardens have benefited from the Women of Tea: Sri Lanka trainings and workshops.

Mrs. Krishnaveni is a tea worker at the Pedro Estate, Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka, who has inspired us through her journey with the Women of Tea: Sri Lanka program.

After Women of Tea: Sri Lanka launched, an on-the-ground field coordinator found that Mrs. Krishnaveni's child was very small and possibly undernourished. In Sri Lanka, plantation workers have a staple diet of flour and rice, but these foods often lack a balance necessary to thrive.

After taking part in the hands-on training of preparation of nutritious foods, Mrs. Krishnaveni is now feeding roti (flatbread), pittu (rice flour and coconut dish), soups and other dishes that incorporate vegetables, fruits, eggs and other vitamin-rich ingredients to her family. With these newly acquired skills, the changes in food behavior in their household are gradually changing her and her family's lives, while inspiring others in their community to do the same. As Mrs. Krishnaveni and other women continue to elevate their health and families through the hands-on training programs, we can look onward to a ripple effect that will continually bring prosperity to the communities in this region.

Check out this video to see our impact on-the-ground. 

Check out our experience in Sri Lanka that inspired the Women of Tea: Sri Lanka program.

Our Legacy of Giving

Since 1992, The Republic of Tea has donated more than $3 million to nonprofits across the United States and in our local community. For a full list of our nonprofit partners, click here.

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