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For centuries, the chai experience has been a journey of enlightenment for those seeking the beguiling mysteries of India, Nepal and Tibet. Now this legendary brew is yours to enjoy, Sip by Sip.

Simply add 1 fl. oz of this lightly sweetened all-natural concentrate to 7 fl. oz of milk or milk alternative. Serve hot, steamed, iced and even blended.

*Refrigerate immediately after opening. Unopened shelf life: 1 year, Opened shelf life: 90 days. 64 servings.

*Due to the size of the Republic Chai® Concentrate Jug, we recommend citizens purchase a reusable pump.

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Length: 4¾"
Width: 3½"
Height of Bottle: 9½"
Height of Bottle with Pump: 14¼"


Pure Water, evaporated cane juice, brewed black tea, wildflower honey, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, clove, natural flavors and citric acid.



Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star

Great chai tea concentrate!

5 Stars Great chai tea concentrate!

from AR on wrote:

I especially love a hot chai when the weather cools. Guess I might give the odd review but I don’t usually add any milk or milk substitute. I love the black tea and chai spices to shine and these do perfectly in my cuppa!! Will be ordering again.

best tea

5 Stars best tea

from IN on wrote:

I got a latte from panera bread it was so good I searched and found this is what they use It is the same tea they use Im in love with this it been 2months Im about to order another one

great product

5 Stars great product

from IN on wrote:

love it I heard this is what panera bread use and it is true love lov love it

Love the Chai

5 Stars Love the Chai

from OH on wrote:

I absolutely love this chai, nothing else compares. I really wish you would sell it in the smaller bottles again, the gallon takes up too much space and doesn't fit into my fridge with the pump on.

4 1/2 stars-Love the spices

4 Stars 4 1/2 stars-Love the spices

from WV on wrote:

I've been purchasing the re-mixed Chai on and off for two years since I discovered Panera uses Republic of Tea brand. Love the spices and the convenience of pre-mixed, but wish you would reduce the sugar content by half. The site states 40 Calories presumably for 8 ounces, but the label does not state any nutrition facts on the sugar content. I have read other reviews regarding the chai being too sweet. If if you did 1/3 less sugar it would be better--the spices can shine through.