Silver Rain White Full-Leaf Tea

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$31.00 - Tin - 1.75 ounces / 50-60 cups #10081
$118.00 - Bulk - .75 lb / 200 cups #30081
$30.00 - Refill - 1.75 ounces / 50-60 cups #11081

This delicate full-leaf tea steeps a crisp and refreshing cup with hints of honey and toasty sweetness.

Above the Cloud Tea - Classified as rarest of all teas, this high grown white China tea is plucked in spring right before the leaf opens. White, downy buds are quickly air-dried, resulting in a low-caffeine tea.

Authentic 100% White Tea only grows in the majestic mountains of China's Fujian Province. Tender white downy buds are hand-plucked just two days of the year, right before the leaf opens. With small yields and high demands, it remains one of the world's most rare teas. We are honored to offer you this season's harvest featuring delicate flavor notes and a sweet, lingering finish. White tea is the least processed of all tea varietals and retains more of its antioxidants, known as polyphenols. Discover tea in its most natural state and raise a cup to good health.


100% White Tea is low in caffeine. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping white tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 30-60 seconds (if using tea bags) or 2-3 minutes (if using full-leaf.)


Finest quality silver needle white tea from China's Fujian Province



Country of Origin

China's Fujian Province

Citizen Reviews
  • 5 Star

50 stars!...SOoooo worth the $30

5 Stars 50 stars!...SOoooo worth the $30

from HI on wrote:

As described, this is a rare white, it has such an unusual, nutty creamy texture. Worried this wouldn't taste good, b/c i'm not impressed w/ any of the other white teas they offer. But gosh the 1 that i do love, it doesn't come in teabag form, double boo. If this was a champagne, i'd probably be drunk on this stuff, had 4 cups worth already as soon as i opened good!


5 Stars mr.

from NY on wrote:

very very good

Surprisingly delicious

5 Stars Surprisingly delicious

from CA on wrote:

I ordered this tea, because I had never tried a good quality, true, white tea before. When I received the tea, I didn't think it smelled as tasty as I wanted it to. A few days later, I decided to try it, and was pleasantly surprised. I found that the smell did not at all represent the flavor. The flavor was mild and I couldn't help but want the next sip. Great tea!

First time for white tea

5 Stars First time for white tea

from PA on wrote:

Learning about teas, I bought this for evenings without caffeine. I am surprised how it taste. Has a great mild taste and smooth going down. recommend it to anyone.

Light and Tasty

5 Stars Light and Tasty

from AZ on wrote:

This is a light, gentle tasting tea. I usually love strong, bitter green tea, but I was looking for something of quality with low caffeine. I have enjoyed this one.