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The Tea of the Month Club is a gift that keeps on giving, elevating your tea-drinking rituals to new heights. It's not just a tea subscription; it's a passport to a world of new delicious flavors and aromas. Garnering enthusiastic reviews from tea connoisseurs month after month, this exclusive offer from The Republic of Tea ensures a continuous journey of discovery and indulgence.
Choose between our six- or twelve-month tea subscriptions, both thoughtfully designed to provide an exquisite variety of gourmet teas. Explore the nuanced flavors of popular green teas or savor the soothing allure of decaf options. With this tea subscription box, you can anticipate the arrival of a carefully curated selection, introducing you to new and delightful tea experiences.

Available only for shipping within the US, this monthly tea subscription guarantees a monthly journey of taste, aroma, and relaxation, making it the perfect choice for tea enthusiasts or those seeking a thoughtful and enduring gift. If you are looking for more tea gifts, The Republic of Tea has many wonderful options for celebrating the tea lovers in your life.
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