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The Great Teas of China

Master tea merchant Roy Fong's new second edition of his classic "The Great Teas of China" has been thoroughly revised, rewritten, and re-edited, with significant new material added, particularly around water, teaware, and the brewing process. Fong also included more memories, anecdotes, and photographs from over 30 years of travel in China's tea regions. From hand-picked whites teas from Fu Ding and expertly crafted oolongs from Taiwan, to patiently aged puerh from Yunnan and everything in between, Fong offers his insights on choosing, brewing, and enjoying more than a dozen iconic Chinese tea varieties.

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The Great Teas of China
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Our ministers have scoured the world for the finest tea leaves and herbs in existence. These leaves and herbs are the economies upon which The Republic of Tea thrives and what it offers to its citizens across the world.

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