The People's Brew Basket® Stainless Steel

The People's Brew Basket® Stainless Steel The People's Brew Basket® Stainless Steel
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The People's Brew Basket® makes brewing full-leaf tea easy. The easy-to-clean infusers allow leaves to unfurl fully for maximum flavor.

Simply place the basket inside your mug, add leaves, add water, and brew for the prescribed time. Remove the brew basket and enjoy.

The People's Brew Basket fits most standard 6-10 ounce mugs. Packaged in a gift box, The People's Brew Basket makes a lovely gift for yourself or for a friend.

Additional Details

Width: 3"
Height: 2"


Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe

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Citizen Reviews
  • 4.5 Star

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from CO on wrote:

I love this brew basket. I like the fact it is stainless steel, it fits my mugs and no leaves seep through the mesh.

Great fit

5 Stars Great fit

from WA on wrote:

Fits onto her carafe and eliminates the messy old way old making her spice tea from Seattle.

Immunity Super green tea

5 Stars Immunity Super green tea

from KS on wrote:

I have to say this tea was soooooo good. The flavor is delicious and the benefits are amazing. I just received a catalog and a sample. I am very impressed!! I will be ordering several different teas for their natural benefits. Thank you!

Perfect little strainer

5 Stars Perfect little strainer

from AZ on wrote:

Perfectly fits in a standard size cup. This little strainer has many uses...not just for straining tea :)

A Tea Brewing Essential

5 Stars A Tea Brewing Essential

from NY on wrote:

I love it. I love how fine the mesh is. I don't like tea balls because they don't let the leaves swim freely, and with this I can free brew and then just strain into my cup. It's the perfect size for that. I had the plastic version, but it melted on the hot burner, stainless steel is so much better.