The Environment

Posted: 12/27/2022

From the day we penned our Charter in 1994, The Republic of Tea has been mindful of the impact our actions and business activities have on our communities and the environment. We pledged to act for the good of all, with the long-term in mind—from ethical tea sourcing to making sure every element of our packaging helps eliminate wasteful practices. We have seized all opportunities for reuse and recycling:

  • Our distinctive cylindrical steel tea tins are airtight, recyclable and reusable. Citizens are encouraged to use existing tins to store refills. Recovering steel not only saves money, but also dramatically reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gases released compared to making steel from virgin materials.
  • Among the many ways Citizens can enjoy fine tea is in our Republic of Tea Glass Bottled Iced Teas made with 20-25% recycled glass. A glass bottle is the very best way to preserve the integrity, quality and freshness of this premium tea. Further, glass is one of the worlds most recycled materials.
  • All The Republic of Tea plastic bottled products are packaged in BPA-free plastic and are classified 1-PET recyclable.
  • Our shipping practices focus on minimalism, simplicity and the elimination of excess. When packing material is necessary, it is 100 percent recyclable.
  • Our unbleached tea bags are free of excess wrapping, strings, tags and staples.

Good for the people. Good for the planet.

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