High Caffeine Teas to Replace Coffee

Posted: 10/17/2019

A morning dose of caffeine is just the thing many Citizens need to greet the day with vim and vigor. Whether you have lengthy to-do list to tackle or simply want to energize your body and mind, a cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage can become an integral part of your daily ritual.

Coffee is the morning drink of choice for many Americans—in fact, 64 percent of people living in the United States consume at least one cup per day. Tea is another source of caffeine that can serve as a healthful and flavorful alternative to your daily cup of coffee. 

All teas that are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant contain caffeine, though the amount varies and is usually less than the amount found in coffee. This is good news for those who are sensitive to caffeine, or anyone who wants to avoid feeling jittery and overstimulated. 

There are also certain high caffeine teas that rival—or exceed—the caffeine content of coffee. Even self proclaimed coffee addicts can find a tea that suits their daily energizing needs. Additionally, tea is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols, and may contain an endless number of healthful herbs, spices and other ingredients.

Perhaps you’ve set a resolution to reduce your coffee consumption, or eliminate it from your routine entirely. Or maybe you typically consume multiple cups of coffee per day, but often suffer from unwanted side effects of caffeine overconsumption, such as insomnia.

In any case, replacing coffee with high caffeine tea can be a smart choice for your mind, body and taste buds. You may also find that you still enjoy drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but prefer switching to tea for your second or third cups.

Stimulate your senses and start your morning on the right note with these 10 rejuvenating high caffeine teas:

Teas With More Caffeine Than Coffee

For Citizens seeking the most invigorating cuppa, we recommend our line of HiCAF® Teas. These specially formulated teas have been enhanced with green tea extract and pure caffeine from premium tea leaves. Sip first thing in the morning or during an afternoon slump for a buzz of clean, natural energy that will help you feel alert and focused.*

Each of the HiCAF® Teas listed below contains between 110 – 140mg of caffeine. By comparison, a similar-sized cup of coffee contains 100mg, and a standard cup of black tea contains roughly 50mg (Note: All caffeine values are approximate).

  1. HiCAF® Caramel Black Tea (~123mg caffeine) – Savor the taste of robust black tea and smooth, velvety caramel. 
  2. HiCAF® Toasted Coconut Black Tea (~140mg caffeine) – A warm and toasty breakfast blend featuring premium black tea and tropical coconut.
  3. HiCAF® Cinnamon Toast Black Tea (~116mg caffeine) – With every sip of this delightful tea, a swirl of cinnamon and sugar will envelop your senses. 
  4. HiCAF® Breakfast Black Tea (~110mg caffeine) – The bold flavor of roasted chicory brings a deep richness to this premium black tea.
  5. HiCAF® Pom-berry Black Tea (~130mg) – Fine black tea is complemented by ripe blueberries and juicy pomegranates in this fruit-forward blend.

Teas With Less Caffeine Than Coffee

Citizens who prefer a calm, gentle alertness without the full energizing strength of coffee will enjoy these mildly caffeinated teas. Each of the varietals below offers roughly half the amount of caffeine per serving of a standard cup of coffee (Note: All caffeine values are approximate).

  1. HiCAF® Gingermint Green Tea (~50mg caffeine) – This bright and zesty tea is a favorite among Citizens who love to sip green tea, but seek a more energizing effect than the standard cup of green tea provides. 
  2. Maté Latte® Tea (~50mg caffeine) – Engage your senses with this exotic blend of Brazilian yerba maté, almonds and rich cocoa.
  3. Vanilla Almond Black Tea (~50mg caffeine) – Smooth vanilla beans from Madagascar merge with nutty almonds and fine black tea in this satisfying blend.
  4. Mango Ceylon Black Tea (~50mg caffeine) – Intoxicatingly fragrant, this uplifting black tea blend will enliven your mind, body and spirit.
  5. British Breakfast Black Tea (~50mg caffeine) – The quintessential morning cuppa! A hearty blend of India, Ceylon and Kenya black tea leaves gives this tea its beloved bold flavor.

Any of these invigorating high caffeine teas are a wonderful alternative to coffee, and will serve as an enjoyable addition to your morning ritual. Savor the tea sip by sip and take note of the revitalizing effects on your body and mind.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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