Guilt-Free Trick or Treat Teas

Posted: 10/10/2022

Curling up on the couch with a scary movie and a big bucket of candy is a time–honored Halloween tradition. But between costume parties, autumn baking and bags of trick–or–treat candy, it can be easy to overindulge in sweets at this time of year. Too much sugar can trigger unpleasant side effects such as stomach upset, sluggishness and irritability. 

Strike a comfortable balance this season by replacing some of that Halloween candy with these deliciously satisfying, guilt–free trick–or–treat teas. Delight in the taste of rich chocolate, creamy vanilla and luscious caramel — without the sugar or calories. This list may also spark some inspiration for new Halloween candy and tea pairing ideas. 

Chocolate Chai Tea

Organic cocoa and carob bring intense chocolate flavor to this chai tea, which features classic warming spices including cinnamon, clove and ginger. Rather than the traditional black tea base, these delicious ingredients are layered over smooth red rooibos for a caffeine–free cuppa. A spicy–sweet chocolate tea that is perfect for chasing away the chill of autumn. 

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea

If you love chocolate bars with coconut, you will adore this naturally sweet, nutty, chocolatey cuppa. Cocoa powder, roasted carob, roasted chicory and exotic coconut create an intense flavor profile at less than five calories per cup. Dates bring a touch of sweetness that transforms this herbal tea into a guilt–free indulgence. 

Caramel Apple Red Tea

African red rooibos, smooth caramel, sweet vanilla and crisp apple flavors swirl together in this satisfying autumn tea blend. Add a splash of warm milk to transform this cuppa into a decadent dessert tea that is reminiscent of a slice of hot apple pie. A delicious celebration of the harvest season. 

Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Have your cake and sip it too with Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea. Baking is a classic autumn activity, but this delicious herbal tea enables you to enjoy the delicious flavor of red velvet cake without the calories (or post-baking cleanup). A flavorful blend of rooibos, beetroot bits, chocolate and vanilla makes this tea the perfect Halloween sipper. 

Organic Double Dark Chocolate Maté

Roasted yerba maté blends with dark cocoa powder to yield a rich, intensely chocolatey tea. Carob and chicory bring additional depth of flavor. Add a splash of warm milk and delight in the heavenly aroma as you sip and savor a cup of this guilt–free dessert tea. Tastes like a chocolate bar in a cup! 

Carrot Cake Cuppa Cake Tea

A freshly baked slice of carrot cake, still warm from the oven, can be the ultimate comfort on a chilly autumn day. This satisfying tea packs all the flavor of a homemade carrot cake into a guilt–free, calorie–free cuppa. Real carrot pieces, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and a dash of cream, walnut, biscuit and vanilla flavors yield a warm, spicy–sweet infusion. 

Cinnamon Vanilla Red Tea

Cinnamon and vanilla are quintessential autumn flavors that are featured in a multitude of Halloween candies and fall baking recipes. Known as Dream by the Fire Tea, this caffeine–free herbal blend is a delight to sip on a chilly autumn evening. Sugary candy will be far from your thoughts as you sip and enjoy this flavorful fall tea

Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Black Tea

Sweet peach, zesty ginger, rich chocolate and full–bodied black tea leaves — what more could you desire in a dessert tea? Steep a cup of Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Black Tea anytime a craving for Halloween candy strikes, and delight in this unique blend of flavors. Transform this cuppa into a creamy tea latte by adding a splash of your favorite milk. 

Cardamom Crème Brûlée Black Tea

Fragrant cardamom provides a delicious balance to the creamy, vanilla-caramel flavors of this smooth black tea. This best-selling blend was inspired by classic French crème brûlée infused with the exotic spiciness of fresh cardamom. A rich and decadent cuppa for autumn sipping.

Banana Cuppa Chocolate Tea

It is certainly a treat, but not a trick: this low–caffeine tea tastes just like your favorite chocolate and banana desserts, from chocolate banana cream pies to frozen bananas covered in chocolate. Rooibos, cocoa, banana bits, carob and chocolate flavors are the key ingredients powering the rich, sweet taste of this dessert tea.

Looking for more trick–or–treat tea inspiration? Any of these delicious tea lattes for autumn would be perfect for sipping on Halloween, or anytime you are craving something sweet and seasonal.

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