Blackberry Sage Black Tea Bags

Blackberry Sage Black Tea Bags
Blackberry Sage Black Tea Bags

Tea For Wisdom - An enchanting blend of black tea, fruit and herbs. Finest quality tea leaves mingle with sweet, fragrant blackberries and cool, soothing white sage. The mild, head-clearing character of the white sage herb contributes to a wise tea mind.

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Black Tea has less than half the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping black tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil. Then pour water over tea and steep for 3-5 minutes if using a tea bag or full-leaf.


Fine black tea, natural blackberry flavor and sage



Country of Origin

India, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia

  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Blackberry Perfection! January 18, 2015


Harleton, TX

One of my all time favorites! Blackberry Sage has been a permanent staple in my home for 15 yrs. The flavor is excellent hot or iced. Thank You Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

Every day tea!! January 14, 2015



Although I enjoy many of the other flavors, this is my everyday tea. Hot or Cold. The perfect blend of sweet and soothing. Love it.

5 Stars

One of my very favorite teas of all time December 31, 2014


Santa Monica, CA

I've been drinking this tea for almost 20 years and it (along with Ginger Peach) still ranks in my top 2 of all time. I tried it when Starbucks used to sell it, and have been hooked ever since. Hot or iced, one the best cups of tea out there. Don't let the sage scare you - it's very subtle and merely adds a sophisticated flavor. This is a blackberry tea that is unlike any other out there. Not too sweet, not bitter, just lovely.

5 Stars

Perfectly Uplifting December 29, 2014


Tempe, AZ

Received this in a sampler pack and am buying a full can - sage complements the blackberry perfectly and reigns in the natural sweetness just enough for a balanced fruity tea.

5 Stars

My favorite tea in the Berry Family December 16, 2014


Trinity, NC

A hot cup of this with a little milk and sugar, makes me feel like getting my day started. I also drink this tea with no sugar at times, over Ice with or without sugar at times. This is a great tea, no matter how you drink it.... As long as it is Sip By Sip.

5 Stars

Simply Amazing! December 12, 2014


Oceanside, CA

I'm new to The Republic of Tea, so I bought the 12 count custom overwrap along w/two other tea bag tins so I can try a variety of different teas. I'm so happy that I did. I really wanted to try this tea but wasn't for sure how the flavors would blend together, so I chose two to add to by box. I'm super inlove w/this tea, too bad I only have one teabag left. This is going to be my go to tea!!! If you have doubts, try it you will not regret it.

5 Stars

Perfection in a cup October 04, 2014


Middletown, CT

This tea is by far my favorite tea. I first found this tea in a bookstore cafe years and years ago and have been hooked ever since. It's delicious, calming, and even the smell is wonderful. I usually put some honey in it and it's so relaxing. It even makes a great iced tea. The flavor is delicious. This tea won't disappoint you!

5 Stars

Really great, refreshing tea! September 20, 2014


San Francisco, CA

Really great, refreshing tea! Not bitter at all. To me, there was only a subtle hint of sage, which actually complemented the blackberry and black tea flavor quite nicely.

5 Stars

Love this iced!! September 16, 2014

Nisha Martin

Hereford, AZ

I love this tea. A local sandwich shop uses it as one of their iced teas, and it's one of the main reasons I go there. (their sandwiches and other foods are really good) But this tea is just wonderful. The sage is subtle, and the blackberry is especially nice when it is lightly sweetened.

5 Stars

Soothing August 18, 2014


Natchez, MS

This tea really soothed my sore throat! Thx!

5 Stars

My Grand Canyon tea July 23, 2014

Susan Nilsson-Weiskott

Lago Vista, TX

I have loved Blackberry Sage since my son gave me my first canister years ago. Soon after I received his gift, I hiked the Grand Canyon for the first time and enjoyed my cups of Blackberry Sage relaxing at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon. It has strengthened and refreshed me on many other hikes and in several countries. Perhaps I am wiser as a result but I am certainly smart enough to know a wonderful beverage.

5 Stars

Best tea July 14, 2014


Chicago, IL

Best tea ever, nice refreshing taste, the pairing of blackberry and sage complement each other, this is now my favorite tea

5 Stars

Blackberry Sage July 13, 2014

Cathy Rodriguez

Asheville, NC

This is a delicious tea. I have been drinking it for about 5 years now. The tea is flavorful and goes well with any dessert. I drink tea at night with a small piece of chocolate or other sweet dessert and this tea goes well with any dessert I have.

4 Stars

tea July 10, 2014


colorado springs, CO

I found this tea at a tea shop here, the owner said everyone loved this tea so I gave it a try and just love it.

5 Stars

What a brilliant combination! July 06, 2014


Bolton, MA

This has become a favorite for flavoring iced tea. I place 3 of the Blackberry Sage teabags in a gallon of water with 8 regular black teabags and brew it in the sun for a few hours. What a heavenly beverage with lemon and sweetener!

5 Stars

What Ambrosia for the Soul!!! July 03, 2014


Bordentown, NJ

This tea smells and tastes wonderful! I am a fan of blackberries so this tea is a pleasure to drink. I even gave a gift of it to my godmother:-) That's how much I love it and want to share it. I highly recommend it!!

5 Stars

My go-to tea. June 27, 2014


Medical Lake, WA

Blackberry Sage tea stands the test of time. It remains my favorite after years of tea drinking.166

5 Stars

Delicious !! June 27, 2014


North Chesterfield, VA

great blackberry flavor - mild black tea - great alone or with a snack.

5 Stars

LOVE THIS TEA June 21, 2014


Milwaukee, WI

I love this tea, not sweet, but a great hint of flavor. I've recommended it to many friends and family who enjoy a delicious glass of iced-tea!!!

5 Stars

Fantastic! June 18, 2014

Dassa Carvey

VA Beach, VA

Good either as hot tea or iced tea. Hubby loves the hot tea, but I do both!

5 Stars

Favorite of all teas!! June 13, 2014

Joan and Tom

Kearney, NE

Favorite tea for any occasion. Excellent with or without sweetener. We have more than 30 other flavors in addition to basic black, green, red, and white. Nothing beats Blackberry Sage.

5 Stars

Not sure I would have bought this June 11, 2014


Novato, CA

If it weren't for a sample that I got with my mailed catalog, I am not sure that I would have bought this tea, but it is amazing. I love it. It now goes on my Republic of Tea shopping list.

5 Stars

Love this tea!! May 29, 2014


Traverse City, MI

Love this tea....drink it almost everyday!! The flavors are specially blended!!

5 Stars

Yum! May 29, 2014

Diane S

Santa Cruz, CA

Like others, I received a sample in the mail and it's now my #1 favorite. The flavor is delicious hot, can't wait to try it iced. I am ordering the tin and a bag of refills as I know I'll go through it fast!

5 Stars

Like It!! May 28, 2014


Shawnee, OK

Really enjoy the fresh taste of this tea brewed and iced in the spring and summer. Look forward to coming home from work and enjoying a glass of it.

5 Stars

Perfect refreshing flavors! May 24, 2014


Illinois City, IL

This tea helped me quit soda pop! I keep a gallon in the frig all year around. After mowing the grass or gardening, there is nothing like an ice cold glass of blackberry sage! My drink of choice with every meal for at least 10 years!

4 Stars

Blackberry Sage May 24, 2014


Dripping Springs, TX

As a new tea drinker, I found this to have a nice blend; subtle and not overwhelming; I'm ordering some now

5 Stars

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm May 20, 2014


Missoula, MT

received a sample with catalog and all I can say is: MMMMMMMMMMMMM

5 Stars

Wonderful Iced May 19, 2014

Traci G

Abilene, TX

I brewed a cup on Sunday morning and decided to ice it as the morning was warm and it was delicious and refreshing. This was the sample I received in my catalog and now I'm ordering my own tin.

5 Stars

Best Tea May 18, 2014


Land O Lakes, FL

At of all the teas I have tried, this is by far the best. I wanted to get used to drinking tea without sugar, and this tea did the trick. The blackberries add a sweetness to the tea. I drink it warm in the winter and cold in the summer and it is wonderful both ways.

5 Stars

Delicious! May 11, 2014


Holly Ridge, NC

My absolute favorite flavored tea. Smells amazing and tastes even better

5 Stars

Best Iced Tea Ever!! May 10, 2014


Desoto, MO

This makes the absolutely best iced tea you will ever taste! I am brewing a gallon of it as we speak...perfect and refreshing summer blend. My husband does not like flavored teas of any sort, and this is his favorite summertime drink. The blackberry is not overwhelming, and as strange as

5 Stars

Wonderful! :o) May 03, 2014


Scottsdale, AZ

The aroma is refreshing the flavor is clean and fruity.

5 Stars

AWESOME TEA April 26, 2014


Pottstown, PA

This as an absolutely marvelous tea! I got a sample from a local shop and then went back to buy a whole tin. It is my new favorite tea. I like strong tea so the shopkeeper said to steep the teabag for 6 minutes. I steep it 6 1/2 minutes and it's not bitter at all - just wonderful.

5 Stars

Best fruity black tea out there April 22, 2014


Seattle, WA

I keep coming back to this one. Unlike many fruit-flavored teas, the berry doesn't overpower the blend; it's balanced quite well with the sage and the black tea. Delicious and aromatic. Personally I like it with a bit of honey and milk.

5 Stars

Mindful Tea April 20, 2014


***, PA

Never considered myself a big blackberry fan. This tea has made me become mindful while exploring it's fruity and calming properties. Enjoy it hot and cold while relaxing year round.

5 Stars

It Starts my Day out Perfectly. April 16, 2014


Shelton, WA

I make iced Tea with Blackberry Sage and I drink this every morning with Breakfast, because any hot beverage in the morning upsets my tummy. This Blackberry Sage is the perfect tasting iced Tea ever. It just starts my day off in a refreshing way. I absolutely love the Teas from this Company. I try a new one every time I get a sample. Some are quite interesting. It is a Tea Adventure for me at 70 years old.

5 Stars

Doesn't get any better than Blackberry Sage April 02, 2014


Melbourne, FL

I love Blackberry Sage tea! It is my absolute favorite black tea. The blend of Blackberry and Sage is very refreshing and smooth. It is also makes a great iced tea served cold.

5 Stars

the best tea ever March 25, 2014


newberry, SC

This tea is wonderful hot or cold. I ordered 250 of this superb tea. Love love love !!!

5 Stars

Love it! March 19, 2014


Petrolia, ON

This refreshing tea is my own little escape from whatever is going on. The blackberry isn't just fragrance, it comes through in the flavour as well. Great on ice too!

5 Stars

Absolutely my favorite1 March 16, 2014


Turner, OR

Such a robust and full bodied delicious tea!

5 Stars

Our House Black March 15, 2014


Highland Park, NJ

Since we've been drinking this for years, I never got around to writing a 'virtual tea diary' entry on Blackberry Sage. Suffice it to say, this is our house black tea. Excellent either hot or iced, bold enough to withstand the builder's tea treatment, pairs wonderfully with chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream. My eldest's favorite.

5 Stars

Top comfort tea March 11, 2014


Warrensburg, MO

When something just is not right with the tummy, this soothes better than anything else I have found.

5 Stars

Love this tea. February 24, 2014


West Jordan, UT

This is a great tasting tea, even my daughter who hasn't been a tea drinker loves it.

5 Stars

Stil the one February 22, 2014


New Rochell, NY

"My Go to Tea". I have tins of flavors from all over the world. This is the one I always reach for. Consistently delicious. Magic in a cup.

5 Stars

BLACKBERRY BEST January 31, 2014



Nice bold blackberry flavor

5 Stars

The best January 23, 2014


Fall River, MA

This is a full flavor, tasty tea. A wee bit sweet, a wee bit savory. I drink this tea when I'm feeling under the weather or when I am sitting down to relax with a good book.

5 Stars

no sweetening required January 12, 2014


Carmel, IN

Consistent flavor - No need to sweeten.

5 Stars

A Lovely Tasting Tea December 30, 2013

Jackie E.

Utica, NY

My sister and I discovered Blackberry & Sage at Panera's. We were so diappointed when they didn't carry it anymore. I ordered the tea for Christmas, and everyday she tells me how good it is. The lovely blackberry and sage go so well together. This smells wonderful when you open the tin. Now I will also be ordering online.

5 Stars

Wonderful robust flavor! December 27, 2013

Tea Mom

Turner, OR

Wonderful robust flavor that never lets you down. A great way to start the day with a mug of Blackberry Sage tea.

5 Stars

Blackberry Sage Tea December 20, 2013


Gridley, CA

This is the second time I bought this tea. It is one of my and my husband's favorite teas. It has a nice blackberry flavor to it. I like it in the early evening or mid afternoon when I crave something fruity.

5 Stars

The holy grail of tea. December 08, 2013


Long Island, NY

This is hands-down the best tea I've ever had. Feeling sniffly? This will help. Tired? This helps. Trouble focusing? This helps. Sad? Yep, this helps. I go through periods where I drink a lot of various kinds of tea, but always come back to this one.

5 Stars

My daily wisdom December 02, 2013

Kathie Kirts

glenville, NC

Love having my cup of wisdom in the morning... OK two cups. Ordering bulk is the most economical way to enjoy my favorite tea...

5 Stars

Clears the Afternoon Fog! November 19, 2013


My personal favorite for the 3 PM doldrums! I hate to admit it, but it is better than chocolate for clearing the afternoon fogginess that settles in my head. A soothing cup of Blackberry Sage and I am ready to go!

5 Stars

Woderful Iced November 15, 2013


Black Hawk, CO

I brew a quart of green tea and add one or two Blackberry Sage bags to it. It is a special treat. Very addicting.

2 Stars

blackberry sage tea November 14, 2013

Bill Wierman

olalla, WA

Not very much taste as the last order. Will not reorder.

5 Stars

The best full-bodied fruity-black tea around! November 12, 2013

Jinnie Hartzler

Turner, OR

It's absolutely delicious! It's been my favorite tea since I discovered it about a year or so ago. It was one of the samples sent in the monthly magazines.

5 Stars

Perfect for studying October 19, 2013


San Francisco, CA

I love the fruitiness of this tea! It's mellow enough to wind down but caffeinated enough to keep me focused during a night of studying. I usually don't like black teas, but the blackberry notes keep it sweeter so I don't need to use sugar.

5 Stars

Marvelously satisfying October 17, 2013


Mission Viejo, CA

The fragrence and flavor of this tea is marvelously satisfying. It is soothing and I always enjoy this tea hot or iced. I now have tea in the afternoon rather than coffee and find it is stimulating, and I always feel refreshed and revived and ready for the rest of my day.

5 Stars

September 17, 2013

Marilyn Mason

Tulsa, OK

Very impressed with your customer service! When I called to let them know that I only received 31 teabags in my package of 50 refill bags, they immediately took down the info and sent me a new bag of 50! Quick service, very accommodating and I was treated like royalty! Thanks! I already LOVE this tea, so this was just 'icing on the cake'!

5 Stars

BEST FLAVOR EVER September 16, 2013

Susanna Hillenburg

Crothersville, IN

Love the way it smells when the cannister is's one of my favorite scents and it's my all-time favorite flavor!

September 13, 2013


Blackberry Sage has been my absolute favorite flavored black tea for years. I introduced it to a friend and it quickly became their family's favorite as well! It is the perfect blend of fruit and black with just a hint of clean sage. I LOVE THIS TEA!

5 Stars

Delicious! September 10, 2013


Sahuarita, AZ

The natural sweetness of the berry combined with the depth of the sage makes for an absolutely delicious cup of tea! Tastes great with a splash of milk, as well. I highly recommend this tea!

Favorite July 20, 2013


, NY

This is an absolute favorite! Great iced without any sweetener (as I drink all teas). Why hide the flavor with sugar? Goes great w/ pizza!

5 Stars

Makes a refreshing cup of iced tea April 24, 2013


Everett, WA

A barista at a small coffee stand recommended this when I stopped for an iced tea last spring. It was perfect for an afternoon sip after a long, warm day at work. Not only have I made that stand my regular beverage stop, I have been a loyal drinker of Blackberry Sage, both warm and iced, since.

5 Stars

April 05, 2013


Prescott, AZ

Tried this at a local coffee & bagel shop and loved it. I enjoyed it on ice without any is great.

5 Stars

One of the best! April 03, 2013


Waterloo, ON

This is one of the most fantastic teas I have ever tasted. Highly recommended!

5 Stars

Heavenly!! March 09, 2013


Dallas, TX

This tea is my absolute favorite!! And I don't like fruity tasting teas. From the first time I had this stuff I fell in love. The smell is so enticing!! I think I may like the smell more than the taste, although they're both my favorites. Nothing needs to be added, it's so great by itself. Cons: Not as good cold. Hard to find. I had to go online!!

February 25, 2013


Be careful of brewing time or it gets bitter. Otherwise, love the taste.

5 Stars

Simply The Best February 10, 2013

cleveland, OH

Found this by chance, after getting sick of drinking coffee while at hospital. Took me years to track it down, and thank the good Lord that I did. Amazing! Love ROT. They make excellent products. I hope they never stop making it, don't know what I would do. Going to stock up now! :) <3 LOVE MY BBS.

5 Stars

Best Ever January 28, 2013


Boise, ID

I experienced this tea at a hotel in Honolulu. Love it!! So refreshing...and tasty too!

5 Stars

My Go To Tea January 26, 2013


Syracuse, NY

I discovered this teas several years ago. This is the tea I turn to most for that anytime tea.

5 Stars

My favorite tea January 25, 2013


Mission Viejo, CA

This is my favorite tea. I am partial to black teas, but with the sage addition it is my favorite. It is soothing, fragrent and makes great hot or iced tea. Whenever I serve this, everyone has more than one cup. It is delecious and also lends itself to sweeteners nicely.

4 Stars

Blackberry Sage January 20, 2013


Up North, WI

Got this tea as a gift many years ago and found it to be a great commute tea. Now that I'm driving 50 miles to work again, decided to give it a try, and it's still a GREAT driving tea. Really comes to life if I don't finish and it sits for eight hours. Never bitter, just better!

5 Stars

Delicious! My new favorite January 14, 2013


Turner, OR

I ordered Blackberry Sage because I received a sample in the monthly catalog of teas. I enjoyed it so much that I've been ordering it frequently in recent months. It has a wonderfully fine flavor - different from any other tea I've tasted so far.

5 Stars

A cup of awesomeness!!!! January 11, 2013


Fulton, MO

I brew this double strength and pour over ice every morning. My day just doesn't start out right without it!

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever December 25, 2012


Glen Mills, PA

I absolutely love this tea!

5 Stars

Favorite December 21, 2012


Vass, NC

This is one of the few teas that my friend and I both enjoy, as we have very different tastes in tea. Blackberry sage is are favorite.

5 Stars

Wonderfuf December 20, 2012


McKeesport, PA

This is my second refill. Blackberry Sage is my favorite black tea.

5 Stars

Lovely December 18, 2012


Rochester, MN

Very smooth with an almost sweet taste. I love it!

5 Stars

New favorite December 13, 2012

Richard Masten

Ocala, FL

Nice, smooth and flavorful. Enjoy it a lot after dinner.

5 Stars

Best Sweet Tea Ever!! December 11, 2012

Mimi Crichton Hollar

Bel Air, MD

This is the best tea for sweet tea ever! My friends and family rave over my sweet tea and I am always asked to bring a huge supply where ever I go!

5 Stars

Fabulous, totally hooked December 08, 2012

Patt Ambrose

Redondo Beach, CA

I make 2 quarts iced and drink within a day, two at max. The flavor is smooth on the tongue, not sweet but so interesting that you just keep drinking. Definitely a prize, introduced in Los Vegas when ordering iced tea at 'The Rio' Steak House.

4 Stars

Yummmy November 30, 2012


amenia, NY

Very good, not great; but tasty and unique. I would buy this again

5 Stars

Yum November 07, 2012


Pittsburgh, PA

Love the black tea & blackberry together. I don't taste that much sage, but I think that is because I make fresh sage tea from my herb garden. I do really enjoy it!

4 Stars

November 02, 2012


St. Paul, Minnesota,

The blackberry and sage flavors really compliment each other! It's very refreshing.

5 Stars

Possibly my favorite October 25, 2012


Sagamore Hills, OH

This is possibly my favorite black tea of any brand. It's great hot or iced.

5 Stars

love the black combination and berry October 18, 2012



love the combination of blackberry and black tea. flows together and is quite strong but beautiful.

5 Stars

Perfect for Studying! September 29, 2012


Killeen, TX

I found this tea my freshman year of college. Any time I was stressed out or couldn't focus this was my go-to tea. It tastes *great* and it was perfect for mellowing me out and helping me focus better. Definitely my favorite tea! I'd recommend it to anyone!

5 Stars

favorite daily tea September 22, 2012


Atwater, CA

This is by far my favorite tea!! We love and drink many of the Republic of Tea teas this is the best!!

5 Stars

September 15, 2012

Kellie Bernardez

Livermore, CA

I love this tea.

5 Stars

The Absolute BEst September 06, 2012

Ivy Moore

Medical Lake, WA

Blackberry Sage is my all time favorite tea. Strong enough to taste good, but not overpowering. Time to make another cup.

5 Stars

August 20, 2012


Palo Alto, CA

I'm usually not into tea with fruits and herbs, but this one just changed my mind! It is extremely delicious, so far my favorite tea at all. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars

This is the best tea I've ever had! August 14, 2012


Shasta Lake, CA

This tea has been my favorite since the first time I tried it. It's fantastic hot or cold. From the moment you take out the tea bag & it's fruity fragrance hit your nose your senses are exceedingly pleased. I prefer this tea without sweetener or sugar it truly stands on its own. I always enjoy trying Republic of Teas new flavor but I always come back to this tea. I recommend this tea often & I've never had anyone say the didn't completely enjoy it.

5 Stars

August 12, 2012


Burleson,, TX

Great flavor and easier to use for sun tea than the loose tea.

5 Stars

A Daily Favorite! July 27, 2012

Lyric Coloratura

, NJ

I drink this tea every day - it's very calming and soothing. I can't do without it, so I bring this tea with me wherever I go.

4 Stars

July 26, 2012

Nancy Christiansen


I like to give this tea only a short steep time and drink it with a splash of cream and some Splenda (I use Splenda in all my teas)

5 Stars

YUM!!!! July 26, 2012


Stockton, CA

This is my favorite tea! Soooooo delicious. I make pitchers of it for iced tea and drink lots of it! Absolutely love the berry notes.

5 Stars

Drink it every day!!! July 08, 2012


Warsaw, IN

I had Blackberry Sage the first time about 7 years ago and decided that it is the best tea I have ever had. I drink the Blackberry Sage during the day and the Blackberry Sage Decaf in the evening hours. I have tried your other flavors but still go back to the Blackberry Sage! It is the great!!

5 Stars

June 23, 2012


This was the first tea I had tried from The Republic of Tea and it is by far my favorite black tea (hot or iced)!

Extremely Refreshing! June 16, 2012

Mick O'Grady

West Salem, WI

This was a tea which sounded very interesting from other tea readings. It immediately became the favorite tea at our house for the soothing flavor, aromatic presence and over all beautifully blended flavors. Never dreamed of drinking something with "sage" in it but this was amazing, refreshing and savoring all at the same time.

5 Stars

lovely blackberry flavor June 10, 2012


Westerly, RI

lovely blackberry flavor. very warming and soothing.

5 Stars

May 26, 2012


I must confess~I combine the blackberry sage w vanilla almond, so I can't comment on blackberry sage as an individual taste, but together....delicious! (further confession~ I had this combo at Olga's Cup & Saucer in Providence a couple of times and decided I needed this treat at home!) Flavors last a long time. I tend to add hot water to my bags several times and the flavor is still there a few of cups in.

5 Stars

So delicious! May 23, 2012


Chandler, AZ

I beg you, please do not ever discontinue this tea. It is so lovely for breakfast and has become one of my favorite teas. The flavors are perfectly balanced and just delicious!

5 Stars

One of my favorites May 16, 2012

Donna Bee

Ohioville, PA

This tea is one of my all time favorites of yours. Can't count how many years we've been sipping this delicious tea.

5 Stars

Grand Canyon tea May 11, 2012


Worthngton, OH

My son first gave me this tea as I was preparing for my first Grand Canyon hike. I took several tea bags with me on the trip and thoroughly enjoyed both the adventure and the tea. Blackberry sage goes with me everywhere -- Europe, Canada, Mexico, Cleveland :) -- and I look forward to my breakfast pot every day.

5 Stars

April 28, 2012

, CA

This tea is good hot or iced, but I like iced the best. Very refreshing.

5 Stars

Clears the mind! April 22, 2012


Pomfret Center, CT

This has been my favorite tea for almost ten years now! Wonderful flavor and just what I needed when studying or working on papers.

5 Stars

Absolutely the best! April 21, 2012


Illinois City, IL

I first experienced this iced tea at a small coffee house on a hot day. It was the most rejuvenating but yet "peaceful" tea. I'm a letter carrier and it made my day! I make a big jug of sun tea all summer long and it just makes me smile inside when I sip it. I haven't tried it hot but I will!

5 Stars

So Delicious! April 04, 2012


Coeur d' Alene, ID

This tea is the perfect combination of the simple black tea and the fruity taste of blackberry. I'm not usually big on fruit teas, but the taste is so well blended that it is not at all overwhelming. It's very tasty and soothing. Probably my favorite kind of tea!

5 Stars

Great mix of herb and fruit April 04, 2012


Savannah, GA

I can't tell which flavor stands out the most, the blackberry or the sage. They mix together so well and it creates a really calm, refreshing blackberry taste with an almost minty sage aftertaste. It's absolutely excellent.

5 Stars

All time favorite! March 29, 2012


Auberry, CA

I received Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage as a gift years ago. The aroma, taste, and sheer comfort of this blend introduced me to the company and to this day it is still my absolutely favorite tea, despite the fact that I own almost every kind of tea that the Republic makes! You can never go wrong with this outstanding brew!

5 Stars

Comfort in a cup March 27, 2012


Warrensburg, MO

All the stress of the world can be whisked away with a cup of blackberry sage.

5 Stars

Always yummy March 25, 2012



I love this product. I use it in my keurig and then pour over ice. Very nice

5 Stars

My Fav! March 23, 2012


, OK

My all time favorite tea all year long. I love it hot or iced. I enjoy several different teas that I alternate between but this one I go to most often. The blend is perfect in every way and is my absolute favorite!

5 Stars

Great Iced Tea March 20, 2012


Livermore, CA

I love this tea as an iced tea. If you like your tea sweetened, add blackberry syrup.......yummy!

5 Stars

Awesome Flavor! March 18, 2012

Amanda R

, TX

Rich blackberry flavor with just a hint of savory sage brings to mind homemade cobbler & ice cream, specially when you sweeten with just a touch of honey and add a splash of milk! As delicious as it was hot, I can't wait to try it iced, with frozen berries as ice cubes.

5 Stars

Love it! March 16, 2012


Appleton, WI

This tea is a perfect balance. I love the flavor and it gets a whole new taste with just a splash of milk. Defiantly one of my favorite teas and has just enough caffeine to get me going.

5 Stars

Amazing tea! March 09, 2012

Lisa K

Salt Lake City, UT

I was quite pleasantly surprised by this tea. The blackberry brings in a touch of sweetness and the sage cuts it to tolerable leading to a great tea for anytime of day. I was worried the sage would be overpowering but it is perfect in keeping the sweetness of the berry in check. I would recommend this tea for anyone as it is mild and not necessarily herbal or sweet in nature and a perfect blend of both. Enjoy, I certainly do and this will now be a staple at my house!

5 Stars

This is my favorite tea! March 09, 2012


Rutland, MA

My husband bought me this tea in a sampler for Christmas several years back. I was not a big tea drinker then. Well, I enjoyed it so much that now I have 2-3 cups of this tea everyday. I love it! I buy the bulk 250 tea bags, and drink this year round.

5 Stars

OUTSTANDING March 08, 2012


Tucson, AZ

Nothing else comes close...satisfying every time

Great Tea! March 07, 2012

Todd Flagler

Gulf Breeze, FL

This is the best Tea in your line up! Great flavor, I will be buying it by the 250 pack!

5 Stars

Delicious Iced Tea March 05, 2012


Livermore, CA

I haven't had it hot, however as an iced tea, it is DELICIOUS!!

5 Stars

Magnificent! March 01, 2012


San Antonio,

The Blackberry Sage tea is simply a delight...

5 Stars

Go to tea. February 12, 2012

Jackie Milke

Campo, CA

This is my "go to tea", if I need a cup to get started in the morning or just a cup of comfort, If I could only have one tea this would be it. Thank goodness I can have more than one, I enjoy several.

5 Stars

Excellent cold! February 08, 2012


valpo, IN

I've been drinking this tea for over 10 years, and I'm glad they continue to provide it! I especially like it cold, I brew it at regular strength and leave it to chill in the fridge for a much healthier alternative to soda. I don't really care for sage in savory dishes so it really suprised me that I like it so much in this tea. Give it a try, it's incredibly refreshing!

5 Stars

My all time favorite February 05, 2012

Julie N

Troy, MI

I enjoy fruit teas, but there is something about the addition of sage that cuts the sweetness while still leaving it refreshing and delicious. This is equally good hot or iced.

5 Stars

Comfort in a cup January 24, 2012


Warrensburg, MO

Combining blackberry and sage may seem unlikely, but when I am feeling a little off in the tummy whether due to stress or irregular food or schedules, nothing beats a cup of blackberry sage tea. It heals!

5 Stars

YUM! January 18, 2012


Perkiomenville, PA

You will LOVE This!!!! SO fruity, light and refreshing!!!

5 Stars

Just like eating blackberry pie January 10, 2012


Woodstock, ME

This tea was an unexpected surprise, and now is in my top five favorites. The aroma and the taste are fabulous. My friends, even the non-tea drinkers are always hooked as soon as they smell the fragrence in the tin. It is even better than a blackberry pie, because it is every bit as good, easy to make, and has 0 calories. Life is good with a cup of Blackberry Sage in hand! I savor it, and even bought a blackberry patterned bone china cup and saucer to complete the enjoyment!

5 Stars

No other tea measures up January 09, 2012


Garibaldi, OR

Tried this tea about 10 years ago and it is the best!! Moved away from the big city, but thankfully it is only an email away.

5 Stars

love the blackberry sage January 08, 2012


Jordan, NY

I first tasted this tea at a small cafe in Black Mountain, NC and have been in love with since.

5 Stars

Year 'Round Favorite December 20, 2011


Grants Pass, OR

I love this smooth blackberry tea hot in winter and cold in summer. In fact, I often keep a pitcher of it in the fridge to share with friends in the warm months. I also like to give it as a gift because it is sure to please.

5 Stars

great tea December 17, 2011



one of my favorite teas. next time, will order in bulk!!!

5 Stars

One of my favorites December 08, 2011


State of, NY

I never run out of this tea at home. We alternate between this and the blueberry Republic Tea as we work in our home office. My teenagers like it too. It is fragrant and has a slight herby sweetness that is refreshing and warming. In a home full of teas, this is one of our go-to teas for daily enjoyment.

5 Stars

Unexpected Blend! so scumptous December 08, 2011


Pasadena, CA

This is such an unexpected blend, who knew that taste of blackberries and sage would go together!! It has a delicious aroma!!

5 Stars

One of my favorites December 07, 2011


Blacksburg, VA

I love this one, hot or cold.

5 Stars

Warm wonderful wise brew December 07, 2011

Scott Ebert

Fridley , MN

I drink all of the Republic's Black teas. This is a truely fine blend.A wonderful cup to read with,plan with,ponder with.A tea to stimulate the senses and dare to dream with.Earthy,Sophisticated Magical.The world is a better place because of this tea.

5 Stars

Just SOOOO GOOD! December 05, 2011


Iowa City, IA

I did not consider myself a "black" tea fan... and the sage didn't excite me. However, this tea is delicious and it smells so good! I would recommend everyone tries this tea - and if it's not your cup of tea, I'm sure you'll have a friend who'd love to receive it.

5 Stars

November 09, 2011

, OH

Loves it!

5 Stars

Exceptional Tea November 06, 2011

Jesse Baynard

Tampa, FL

A lot of flavor comes out of these tiny little tea bags. When iced it has subtle yet delightful sweetness to it, and doesn't need any help from sugar. Served hot it serves up an earthier taste which very satisfying. These tea is so good that I do find myself ignoring the Republic of Tea's motto. Not only will I enjoy it sip by sip, but also gulp by gulp, and even chug by chug. I will enjoy here and there, I will enjoy it anywhere.

5 Stars

An Earthy, Distinctive Tea August 26, 2011

Belinda R.

Kent, WA

Though lovely anytime of the year, I most enjoy drinking this distinctive tea in the Fall when the weather is turning, and Winter when it is oh-so chilly outside. This tea is true to its name, with a rich blackberry flavor and earthy, yet subtle sage notes. Enjoy snuggled under a cozy blanket on dark, chilly evenings -- a perfect companion.

5 Stars

Great, even for a non-tea drinker August 09, 2011

, CA

I am not an avid tea drinker, but I do try tea from time to time trying to find one I like. This one I love! The flavor is refreshing and not overwhelming. I have gotten many people to try this tea and they love it. Highly recommend.

5 Stars

PERFECT! July 27, 2011

Whitney D

Graham WA,

This tea is my absolute favorite! It's so clean tasting and refreshing. I really enjoy this best iced.

5 Stars

Favorite July 16, 2011


Oakland, CA

It's been my favorite tea for years, hot or cold. I've also made ice cream with it and it's delicious!

5 Stars

Favorite Summer Drink June 09, 2011


Grants Pass, OR

This is one of 2 of my regular summertime drinks. I make a big pitcher to share with friends who stop by. It's very refreshing. I also like the ginger peach. Both are a welcome change from plain black tea or green tea. Try the blackberry -- it's delicious!

5 Stars

Great for iced tea June 09, 2011

Nedra Townley

The Villages, FL

We have been making iced tea with the blackberry sage for many years. It is a favorite with my large family. We purchase it in bulk. Great tea, great taste, great value.

5 Stars

June 07, 2011


Vancouver, BC

This was the first Republic of Tea blend I ever bought and it continues to be a favorite. Makes for a really comforting cup.
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