100% Organic Double Green® Matcha Tea Bags

100% Organic Double Green® Matcha Tea Bags
100% Organic Double Green® Matcha Tea Bags

We've married the exquisite organic green tea powder known as matcha with fine, organic green leaf tea. We invite you to sip the fresh, springtime-grassy flavor of this tea. This tea's smooth character makes it a good partner with sweet or savory foods.

Organic Double Green Matcha Tea was featured in Men's Health as one of the Top 125 Foods for Men.

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Sugar Free Tea carb tea


Green tea contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee. More about caffeine.

Steeping Instructions

Steeping green tea is easy. Simply heat fresh, filtered water just short of boiling. Then pour water over tea and steep for 1-3 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 2-4 minutes (if using full-leaf tea.)


Fine 100% organic China green tea and organic Japanese matcha



Country of Origin

China, Japan

  • 5 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Green Tea! January 29, 2015


Anchorage, AK

Flavorful, aromatic, and pleasant to look at. This is an excellent green tea and highly recommended. Only thing that could make it better would be the "popped" brown rice.

4 Stars

Near perfection January 18, 2015

Cuppa Brown Joy

Atlanta, GA

I have been an avid fan/sipper of The People's Green Tea for decades now, but I was on the search for something a little bit stronger. I figured that since this tea has both the green tea, and the green match, that this would be just the ticket. Don't get me wrong, it is a delicious tea, it's just not quite what I was hoping for.

5 Stars

Simply Wonderful January 13, 2015

Ruth Hix

Ellijay, GA

This is the most flavorful, aromatic, and lovely-to-look-at tea of all time.

5 Stars

Full-flavored December 20, 2014


Hanover, NH

This has been my first cup of the day for a couple of years. I never get tired of it.

5 Stars

Wonderful Tea! December 11, 2014

Barbara Davis

Eastman, WI

I drink tea all day, and it's usually a black tea. This green matcha, however, is outstanding and I am finding myself reaching for it throughout the day. Full flavor unlike any other green tea I've tried. It is a deliciously smooth, delectable tea. Highly recommended for anyone who likes green tea. For those who enjoy mild and flavorful black teas, give this one a try.

5 Stars

The best green tea in the world November 27, 2014

Zack McConnell

Big Spring, TX

Love this stuff, I like to put two bags to a cup and enjoy the strong flavor. Every sip makes you feel like a daimyo.

5 Stars

Double Green Matcha Tea November 22, 2014


Honolulu, HI

Great tasting, relaxing, and smooth. Evry member of the family loves it. Cold or Hot!

5 Stars

one of the best green teas the world October 31, 2014


Staten Island, NY

Found this tea at a local store and got curious about it. And I got blown away when I first tasted it. The matcha doesn't taste grassy and the chinese green tea doesn't taste bitter and sour if left on the cup to steep a little longer that it should be. Yes, the tea is a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it.

5 Stars

Very Good! September 25, 2014


Sanger, TX

My kids and I love this tea. It is something that I can share with my teenage daughters and that warms my heart.

5 Stars

Great!!! August 29, 2014


Star City, AR

Very Smooth Tasting tea, will reorder!!!

5 Stars

Delicious! August 05, 2014


Barberton, OH

I absolutely love this tea, a perfect combination of Matcha and plain green tea! :)

5 Stars

Double Matcha is the way to go July 14, 2014


San Antonio, TX

I this Green Matcha tea, and it is excellent quality. Sometimes I kick it up a notch and add it with the Chocolate Matcha with a chocolate creamer or vanilla creamer. I'll have it as a sweet treat in the morning or at night for a dessert tea drink.

5 Stars

Energizing Green Tea July 09, 2014


Seattle, WA

It's a good middle ground for a green tea flavor, not to strong but not weak either.

5 Stars

Good tea July 07, 2014

Sally B

La Barge, WY

Smooth springlike grassy

5 Stars

Best Ever! July 06, 2014


St. Marys, GA

I still remember the first time a had it 8 years ago... Buckhead Bread Company. I asked the server where they got their teas. The rest is history. It's perfect & I can not drink any other green tea. I've been spoiled.

5 Stars

not wimpy like other green teas June 30, 2014


Boswell, PA

I enjoy mine first thing in the morning with honey!

5 Stars

My New Favorite June 06, 2014


Owings Mills, MD

I love this tea. This tea is so smooth and pleasant tasting. It is the first tea I have ever been able to drink without sugar. If you love green tea you will really love this

5 Stars

Lovely fragrance June 04, 2014

Judy Bailes

Willis, TX

I never thought I liked green tea because it often tasted too "green", so I was uncertain about trying this when I received it as a sample with my catalog. But, I was very surprised how much I enjoyed this. It has a wonderful flowery, spring fragrance and flavor. I will definitely plan to include it in my next order.

5 Stars

A bold twist to green tea June 02, 2014


Electra, TX

This is the first time I tried matcha tea. while alot like green tea, it is thicker and full of more flavor. I brewed mine, then added some sugar, and doubled the water with cold water -for ice tea. may try it hot and on suger next time. it is good tea.

5 Stars

Awesome tea June 01, 2014


Bourbonnais, IL

Love this tea. I got it for my husband who makes his own sweet tea and he blends black tea with this and it is very tasty and healthy. Love the pods because then we don't have to tear off strings all the time.

5 Stars

My #1 FAVORITE Green Tea. May 28, 2014

Tree Ethington

Ballard, WA

Smooth... sweet crisp FRESH and refreshing. This is the best all around sipping tea. I love a good genmaicha green tea for the smoothness, but this has surpassed my old favs and is now #1 in my pantry. I drink this daily, am and pm. Adding the macha is brilliant.

5 Stars

My new favorite green tea May 22, 2014


Atlanta, GA

I had read about the benefits of macha tea, but I don't think I was prepared for the delicious fresh taste. This is a nice addition to my other tea staples.

5 Stars

Amazing tea! May 17, 2014


Brooklyn, NY

I use these tea bags on my eyes for added anti oxidant benefits.

5 Stars

A must if you love matcha!! April 29, 2014

Mandy A.

Wakefield, MA

I LOVE this tea! It has a nice smooth finish with a slight grassy smell. This is my go to tea, it's great alone or with a creamer (dairy free in my case) to make it more of a latte. I love the little bit of matcha that is in the bottom of my cup at the end, I swirl it around with a bit of tea and drink it up!

5 Stars

One word WOW! April 23, 2014

Miosotys Ortiz

East Stroudsburg, PA

I needed to stop drinking coffee for many reasons and I wanted to drink something smooth and easy going and I cannot believe how much this tea made a difference in how I view tea in general. Smooth great tasting and just overall fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone. You will love it.

4 Stars

Bold Green April 23, 2014


Hollywood, FL

Very bold green flavor...I absolutely love it. You can actually taste the goodness!

5 Stars

Tea is awesome! April 22, 2014


Bronx, NY

Matcha Green tea is awesome. The taste is pure and I could drink it all day and night. Great tea!

5 Stars

Smooth Move April 17, 2014


Knoxville, TN

I was expecting fresh delicate flavor...what I got was remarkably smooth tea with a lovely color AND fresh delicate flavor. The matcha add depth and complexity to the tea, making this a wonderful afternoon pick-me-up. Love it!

4 Stars

Great healthy taste April 15, 2014

Denise Ungerman

Pgh, PA

This is my first time purchasing matcha tea and I like it's grassy note's. I will purchase to loose tea next with the whisk.

5 Stars

Nice April 10, 2014

Jennifer H


It tastes really good! Surprisingly smooth and flavorful! Love it

5 Stars

Very Good April 10, 2014

Amber Butler

Bessemer, AL

I love this tea! It is my new favorite for green tea, I drink at least one cup a day. so far the best green tea I have tried.

5 Stars

awesome tea April 10, 2014


naahua, NH

What a great tasting tea had some for the 1st time very nice flavor and is good for me

5 Stars

Best Tasting Green Tea April 07, 2014


Kings Park, NY

I have tried many green teas, but this one is outstanding.

5 Stars

Surprised April 03, 2014


Birmingham, AL

I received a sample of this tea and was excited to try because I heard good things. Green tea, though I drink it almost daily because I know it's good for me, can often taste sharp and bitter to me. This matcha tea was outstanding! I mixed it with a little honey, and it was practically like dessert for me. The flavor was so smooth and delicious. I just ordered my first tin, and I cannot wait to receive it.

5 Stars

Wonderful Green Tea April 02, 2014

Diane Damiani

Macomb, MI

I love this tea, and will order more. I drink 2 plus of tea a day, and have found a new favorite.

5 Stars

Green Tea Review April 01, 2014


Traverse City, MI

This was excellent green tea. Exceeded my expectations for taste. Green tea is so hard to find for me....that tastes good!!

5 Stars

Refreshing Green! March 31, 2014

Laurene Beattie

New Milford, CT

I enjoyed the refreshing "green" taste of this tea-I highly recommend it!

5 Stars

Great Green Tea March 30, 2014


Dana Point, CA

Good taste, excellent energy from drinking it.

5 Stars

Most Fabulous Tea March 30, 2014

Darl Lopez


This is the second time I ordered this tea..I ordered 3 cans this time. I drink several cups a day...it's that good!

5 Stars

savory foods March 29, 2014

Michael Shaker

Somerset, MA

exquisite organic green tea

5 Stars

This is the BEST!! March 29, 2014


Deer Isle, ME

That is what my husband(fussy tea drinker) said when he had a cup of the Double Green Matcha tea. He has joined your fan list with this. Thanks

5 Stars

smooth March 28, 2014


Lucasville, OH

Received a sample in catalog and enjoyed it on ice, smooth and refreshing.

5 Stars

Very Tasty March 26, 2014


kalamazoo, MI

Very nice, smooth flavor. Has a nice zing to it! Will definitely buy again.

5 Stars

Yum March 26, 2014

Robin Lee

South Bronx , NY

Clean crisp taste, goes great with a Fuji apple

5 Stars

Wonderful tea! March 26, 2014


Aptos, CA

Just a wonderful tea. Very smooth. I sometimes find green tea slightly bitter, but this is not. It's become one of my favorites!

5 Stars

So nice to drink March 25, 2014


Hartland, MI

This is the best of both worlds. A nice green tea with the extra taste of Matcha powder. Wonderful.

5 Stars

Matcha Tea March 23, 2014


Bridgeport, AL

This tea is great. I have been drinking it for over a year now have not had any soda's since. I have bought other green teas but now since I have used this one it is totally different this is what green tea is suppose to taste like.

5 Stars

Awesome March 22, 2014


Wailuku, HI

This is a luxuriously mellow tea that melts in your mouth. It gives you a slight lift and has a lovely flavor. After you start sipping this tea you'll wonder how you got by without it.

5 Stars

Delicious! March 20, 2014

Gretchen Polnac

Austin, TX

Smooth and mild--does not have the bitter aftertaste that some green teas have. May be my new favorite flavor.

5 Stars

Great March 15, 2014


Cocoa, FL

I had no interest in trying this tea. But I got it in the catalog so I figured I would give it a chance. Now I'm going to get a whole can in my next order. It's excellent.

4 Stars

Worth Converting to Matcha March 15, 2014


Highland Park, NJ

Republic of Tea sent us a sample teabag of their Organic Double Green Matcha in their catalog. I've never had matcha from a teabag before, but the first brew is nice, mild, and earthy, I might even convert to matcha drinking. Steve's second brew from the same bag receives a thumbs up from him, so I'd conclude it's pretty decent quality. Nice with a sweet, tart fruit.

5 Stars

Great March 15, 2014


Cocoa, FL

I had no interest in trying this tea. But I got it in the catalog so I figured I would give it a chance. Now I'm going to get a whole can in my next order. It's excellent.

5 Stars

WOW March 14, 2014

Sarah K.

Cleveland, TN

Alright, I bought this on a whim and fell in love! It's incredibly smooth and has a great flavor. It's not "bitey" as some green teas tend to be, yet has a strong, rich (and smooth!) flavor. I'll definitely buy more in the future!

5 Stars

Wonderful! March 13, 2014


Richmond, BC

A wonderful tea, never bitter, love it!

5 Stars

AT LAST I FOUND IT! March 13, 2014



I always purchased "Green" Tea. After steeping..it was brown..never "green". In the restaurants..it is green. Finally! After purchasing your Double Green Matcha Tea.. delightfully green! Also delicious! Thank you for a product that lives up to your claims!

5 Stars

Nice clean flavor March 12, 2014

Emily Hartman

Bigfork, MT

Being a usual black tea drinker, I was doubtful yet intrigued by this matcha when I got the sample in the mail. At first sip, this tea seemed rather grassy, and pungent at that, like when you try to mow wet grass. However, as I continued sipping I found it more and more refreshing and somewhat grounding. Not bitter like some green teas, in fact, very smooth, mellow and somewhat earthy. Definitely perfect for this spring weather we've been having, now if only there were some green grass outside! I have to say, it really does grow on you! Perfect pick for spring and summer, and for a green tea, I give it a five.

5 Stars

Fabulous! March 08, 2014

Darl Lopez

Bayonne, NJ

Fabulous green tea! I'm an avid tea drinker and this is, by far, one of the best green teas I've tasted.

5 Stars

Great tasting March 06, 2014


Fond du lac, WI

good tasting tea, there is no after bitter taste

5 Stars

Love this tea! February 24, 2014


West Jordan, UT

Really great tasting green tea. Just ordered more.

5 Stars

Mellow Taste February 20, 2014


Racine, WI

Nice smooth, mellow flavor. I have had other green teas that I nearly had to choke down-not this one! Pleasant beginning to the day!

5 Stars

my favorite tea February 19, 2014


mcallen, TX

love the taste! is my favorite green tea...and for me easier, since the matcha is in a tea bag.

5 Stars

The Best February 04, 2014


Dover, AR

The best of all teas I have ever drank! I luv it!

5 Stars

I can order online! January 29, 2014

Mary Ann

Owasso, OK

So happy I can now order the Matcha tea online. One store was out and the other quit carrying it.

5 Stars

Best I've had January 24, 2014

Claire Leuenberger

Auburn, AL

Absolutely delicious. Very smooth. My favorite green tea!

5 Stars

Best Green Tea January 20, 2014


Chicago , IL

Since discovering this tea about two years ago, it is now my favorite green tea! Everyone I have offered it to has been impressed--even those who normally drink black tea or coffee! Thanks Republic of Tea for offering this great green tea!

5 Stars

Matcha without the fuss January 15, 2014

Peggy Lussier

Alexandria, VA

Nice, smooth without the mixing trouble of the powder.

5 Stars

Awesome green, best I have had January 14, 2014

pat peterson

homer glen, IL

Great Tea

5 Stars

Great Taste! January 09, 2014


Toms River, NJ

I love the smooth and refreshing taste of green matcha, especially over ice...my kids love it too!

5 Stars

Matcha tea is a healthy product for males January 06, 2014


Russell, KS

My husband read in male prostrate that Matcha tea is a positive to use and so we have purchased this product over 2 yrs and it helps him so we will continue thank you Republic Tea

5 Stars

Best Green Tea December 26, 2013



I love the fresh, green taste of Double Green Matcha tea. It is more potent than other green teas I have tried, and has become my favorite to get going in the morning!

5 Stars

So good! December 18, 2013


Cambridge, MA

The best green tea I've had, and I've had lots! Absolutely delicious.

5 Stars

Aaaah. Delicious! December 02, 2013

G Husth

East Windsor, NJ

It's so much easier than making matcha from powder, and it tastes exactly like the tea served in my favorite Japanese restaurant. I am so pleased that I tried this combination. Now, instead of drinking the occasional cup of green tea, I've replaced two cups of coffee per day with this tea.

5 Stars

October 17, 2013



Bought this one for my little brother as a gift. He loves all things green tea, so it was perfect. It's not as bitter as others, and it does taste fresh. If you like milk-matcha drinks, add a splash of almond milk and honey :9 Mmmm.. Or just drink it alone, that's how I usually do it. Although, if you want the full benefits of this tea, I've heard lemon and honey add health benefits to green tea. Haven't tried it with this particular tea yet, but I'm sure it's delicious! A nice tea to start your day, however you choose to drink it :')

5 Stars

Feeling wonderful!! June 12, 2013

Kraig Becker

Shakopee, MN

After reading about the benefits of green tea from the worlds healthiest foods website I decided to start drinking this green tea specifically due to the benefits of a straight and most pure form of green tea while still having a bag to steep in individual cups of hot water. After drinking 4 cups of this tea per day for the last 1.5 months replacing diet sodas I've been feeling a night and day difference in energy, been losing around 1lb every 1-2 weeks in weight loss (no changes to other diet and excersize), been less hungry overall, noticed better cognitive abilities, and the list goes on. This tea also has probably one of the healthiest looking green tints to the water and tastes better than any other green tea I've ever tried (tried dozens of different brands and types of green tea). I would highly recommend this tea to anyone who is on a quest to becoming healthier while looking for a great flavored organic green tea as well.

5 Stars

Morning staple April 04, 2013


Hanover, NH

I start each day with a cup of this tea, with a half-dozen goji berries tossed in. It's a healthful beginning with a full mellow taste and lovely green color. I've tried making matcha tea with powder, but far prefer this blend.

5 Stars

One of my favorites! March 17, 2013


Chesapeake, VA

Really enjoyable, smooth taste. I like the easiness of the teabag versus the loose powder.

5 Stars

Wow, so impressed January 27, 2013


wow, so i love green tea but i usually buy the cheaper boxed varieties from the grocery store. however, i saw this in a more upscale store and decided to try it b/c it was on sale. wow, delicious. its delicious and full of flavor and i'm highly impressed. :) i do wish it were a bit cheaper but i figure this is an occasional indulgence i can have since its healthy for you! highly recommend!

5 Stars

The best tea ever January 21, 2013


, CA

I have been drinking this tea for many years. My local store recently stopped carrying it and I was devastated. Thank God it is available from The Republic of Tea direct. I cannot live without this tea.

5 Stars

Perfect Green Tea! January 16, 2013

, MI

I was hesitant to try this tea because I usually drink flavored green teas. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the tea tasted! This is a very smooth tea, and one I will definitely order again and again! Thanks Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

I love it! January 07, 2013


Tampa, FL

I love it and this is now mow my favorite Tea store. Thank You so much!

5 Stars

Wonderful! January 03, 2013

Detroit, MI

This tea is delicious. I have found it difficult to drink plain green tea after drinking this for a while. I love the bright green color too!

5 Stars

December 30, 2012



5 Stars

Great taste December 26, 2012

Pat McCollum

Kannapolis, NC

I love this tea! Great taste.

5 Stars

new favorite December 05, 2012


Telford, PA

Best green tea I've ever brewed. It nudged out regular Japanese green tea, my old favorite, from 1st place! Smooth as silk, no astringent after taste.

5 Stars

December 05, 2012


, CO

Love it. Giving it as a gift to a fellow tea lover.

5 Stars

Healthy November 27, 2012


, NY

Great Tea. Great Flavor all wrapped up into one.

5 Stars

Restores Me When I'm Down November 24, 2012

Terri M.

Jackson, OH

If I feel a bit exhausted or like I'm coming down with a cold, a cup of Green Matcha picks me right up. I love the smooth green flavor and it goes great with breakfast cookies or scones. You can't beat the benefit and the way this variety make you feel. Will always have it in my pantry!

5 Stars

A must for green tea drinkers November 12, 2012


Marissa, MO

If you like a straight up green tea to get you going, this is the tea for you. It has a great full green tea flavor. It gets me revved up in the mornings and during the day.

5 Stars

November 10, 2012

San Jose, CA

It's a staple in my cupboard. Very nice grassy flavor. I usually drink it plain, but some times add cream and honey. I drink a lot of tea and lived in Japan for a few years. It's hard to find decent green tea in the States unless you go to a Japantown, which I still do, but it's hard to beat the compact packaging here plus the comparable taste. This is a pretty good mix. In Japan the everyday green tea is usually the more peppery zen/sen-cha and matcha is usually sold separately. This is a really great mix between the two.

5 Stars

No other Green Tea compares! October 21, 2012


Columbus, GA

Knowing the benefits of Green Tea, Double Matcha Green Tea makes it an even better choice: Twice the benefits are awaiting you.

5 Stars

Delicious! September 15, 2012


Grand Blanc, MI

Best green tea I've ever experienced. Smooth, almost creamy texture. Sweet on it's own.

5 Stars

Smooth and clean July 29, 2012


Ocala, FL

Can't say enough about the clean, fresh, crisp flavor added by the Matcha to this green tea.

5 Stars

Charming tea. . . . July 27, 2012


Gainesville , FL

A delightful companion for a mid-morning, mid-afternoon break. Flavor that revives the senses, health benefits that revive flagging energy. This is yet another delicious tea from ROT.

5 Stars

Love it! Love it! Love it! June 11, 2012


Baltimore, MD

My favorite green tea! I won't be without it! Not only does it taste delicious, but it reduces the swelling in my body naturally. I have a lot of pain due to swelling and fibromyalgia symptoms--this is the only tea I have found to reduce the swelling and ease my pain.

5 Stars

Love this tea May 31, 2012

Carol Buckley

Camp Verde, AZ

This tea has a smooth flavor. I drink a pot each day and enjoy it iced or hot.

4 Stars

May 27, 2012

Kay Koch

Alpharetta, GA

A really good green tea.

5 Stars

Awesome Tea May 13, 2012


Pierre, SD

Tea is great ~ Knew that ~ That's why I ordered it ~ VERY DISAPPOINTED, though, that my email was sold ~ Haven't gotten so much junk mail for years ~ BUMMER

5 Stars

May 08, 2012


Pierre, SD

Great flavor

5 Stars

Wonderful blend of flavors! May 07, 2012

Shaul Nassi

Sunnyvale, CA

I like the Matcha which blends well with the green tea.

5 Stars

May 01, 2012

S Giersch

Columbia, MD

Excellent, light green tea.

5 Stars

Absolutely delicious! April 21, 2012

Chantal S

Madera County, CA

This is by far one of the best green tea's I have ever tasted. I definately recommend this to every one.

5 Stars

Unique and Wonderful April 01, 2012

Terry S

Fort Lauderdale , FL

Double Matcha tea is a double win for those seeking to make the switch from harsher forms of caffeine to more subtle and healthier. Known for it's strong antioxidants and other magical powers. It is an acquired taste. Honey or Stevia work best to make the taste more subtle as you adjust to a flavor you will want every day.

5 Stars

Great Green Tea March 27, 2012


Los Angeles, CA

This is a very full bodied but mellow green tea. I add a little squeeze of lemon & a slice of candied ginger and this makes a delicious liquid dessert.

5 Stars

Smoothest tea I have ever had! March 26, 2012


Superior, WI

I have orered a few teas from The Republic of Tea and I am so impressed, that this will be the only place I order my teas from. I have tried several and have brewed for friends/family and all have been so impressed with the quality and smoothness...no bite or after taste to these teas...just smooth rich tea flavor. I leave the bags in my cup to reap full benefits from the tea and it never gets bitter! So impressed!

5 Stars

Best Green Tea I've ever had! February 20, 2012

Melinda Joy Oslie

El Cajon, CA

I drink a pot every morning, simply the greatest way to start the day. Doesn't give me the shakes as a black tea would if consumed in that quantity, yet gives me the gumption to get up an get going. Lovely!

5 Stars

The Best Ever February 01, 2012


Toronto, ON

This is by far the most enjoyable tea I have ever experienced. Love It!

5 Stars

January 31, 2012

clara boyer

charlotte, NC

Enjoyed the richness of this green tea. Delicious.

5 Stars

Most Delicious! January 31, 2012


Denver, CO

I have never enjoyed such a mild and flavorful green tea, and with no bite. The blending is perfect.

5 Stars

Pleasant surprise January 28, 2012


Oakdale, MN

Never having had matcha, I didn't know quite what to expect. To my delight, this is a very rich, densely flavored green tea. Wonderful at any temperature. Also great with a squirt of lemon and spoonful of honey.

5 Stars

Love it! January 26, 2012


South Orange, NJ

I am a green tea fanatic and nothing compares to this. I love the convenience of the tea bags and it is the perfect blend of powder vs tea leaves.

5 Stars

Love it! January 20, 2012


, AK

This has great flavor! My favorite green tea of all times. Delicious!

5 Stars

Excellent January 17, 2012

Wayne L


Wonderful! Any other tea would require two tea bags to get the taste this Double Green Matcha has.

5 Stars

Great Matcha Flavor January 10, 2012


Kingfisher, OK

I have been all over looking for that same flavor of a Green Tea Latte from Starbucks... and this comes the closet of capturing that Matcha powder taste.. Now I can have the same experience from Starbucks at home and MUCH cheaper !

4 Stars

Awesome! December 28, 2011



This tea is so yummy!! I have a glass of it every morning for breakfast. I even used it to make green tea banana bread! :D

5 Stars

Great Smooth Taste December 25, 2011


Birmingham, AL

Great way to get your daily dose of antioxidants. Will definitely be purchasing more of this tea in the future.

4 Stars

December 22, 2011


A excellent everyday green tea.

5 Stars

Loved it!! December 17, 2011


Cypress, TX

The Double Green Matcha Tea, is by far, the best tasting green tea I ever experienced.

5 Stars

Simply the best! December 14, 2011

Kay Hickman

Leander, TX

This is simply the best tasting green tea ever!

5 Stars

Love Green December 14, 2011


Longbeach, NY

smooth and can be paired with pastry dessert. Enjoy this tea after every meal.

5 Stars

December 09, 2011

Mili Naugle

Escondido, CA

Loved it!!!

5 Stars

A healthy addiction. November 27, 2011


Love this tea - my very favorite and considering the assortment in my tea cupboard that is saying a great deal! I put six bags in a thermal carafe and drink with honey and frothed soy milk every morning.

5 Stars

Amazing Unmatched Flavor! November 12, 2011


Minneapolis, MN

Once I tried this green tea, I was hooked! It offers a refreshing and amazing flavor that I've not found in any other green tea. The tea is an essential part of my daily routine.

5 Stars

The Best Green Tea ever November 04, 2011


Kings Park, NY

The Double Green Matcha Tea, is by far, the best tasting green tea I ever experienced. I have one to two cups every morning and one in the afternoon. Delicious!

5 Stars

my favorite green tea ever November 02, 2011


, CA

I have always wanted to like green tea becuase it is so good for you, but just could not get into it. To me, green tea was always bitter and lacked flavor. Well, that all changed when I spontaneously decided to buy this tea at Whole Foods. My god is it good, it's heavenly! No matter how long you steep the bag it does not get bitter. The secret to making this tea even better is to add a teaspoon of organic raw honey...it just may be the best tea i've ever had and I literally can not stop drinking it (currently on the 4th cup of the day!) I love this tea so much I just had to share.

5 Stars

Finally kicked coffee b/c of this tea! October 22, 2011

Laura Neff

Charlotte, NC

I had tried kicking coffee for a long time, but what I was holding onto the most was the morning ritual of making a hot, full-bodied beverage that tasted great. I didn't like tea, so I was kind of stuck with coffee. UNTIL...my brother came to visit, and brought his very own Double Green Matcha. The second I sipped, I was hooked! And I've been enjoying my morning cuppa Double Green almost every day since then. YUM!

5 Stars

Love October 04, 2011

Samantha Treloar

Tulsa, OK

I love this tea! I drink at least 3 cups a day! Makes me feel good and it tastes amazing!

5 Stars

Wonderful August 13, 2011


Cleveland, OH

I bought this originally just to try the flavor of Matcha. I've found this combo is a great as every-day green tea. It's so fresh tasting and pleasant. I'm going to get the pure powder version to try it out - I have a feeling I will only make that occasionally - but this combo of matcha and leaves in a bag is so convenient, it's perfect for every day. A must if you are a green tea lover.

5 Stars

Just Right August 01, 2011


, OR

I used this to make iced tea and it's the best green tea I've ever tasted. A subtle sweetness and no bitterness like you get with some green teas. This is my "go-to" green tea from now on. Simply delicious!
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