Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags
Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags

The Cup of Dessert Herb Tea - A rich, exotic taste of this herbal infusion combines coconut, chocolate and caramel malted barley to produce a thick, naturally sweet, tropical cup. The delicious taste of both cocoa and carob belies their nutritional value. Enjoy at any latitude as a warming, low-calorie cup of dessert..

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea was featured on NBC Today Show as one of the top 10 Skinny Foods all dieters should try and in Woman's World.

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Sugar Free Tea


Roasted carob, caramel malted barley, roasted chicory, dates, coconut flavor, cocoa powder and chocolate flavor


< 5 calories per serving

Country of Origin


Low in Caffeine

  • 4 Stars
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What our Citizens are saying about this great gift of the leaf...

5 Stars

Should come with an addiction warning March 26, 2015


Redondo Beach, CA

This is a decadent tea with a subtly sweet and almost creamy taste. There are hints of chocolate and coconut and the unexpectedly comforting taste of carob. I have it almost every night. Be careful -- you can easily become addicted! I've lost track of the number of times I've re-ordered it!

5 Stars

Sometimes It gets me through a ruff day. February 03, 2015

Joan E. Connolly

Pitcairn, PA

This tea has just enough of the coconut, cocoa, carmel flavor to satisfy

1 Star

Never again January 19, 2015

Mrs. Wright

Rochester, NY

I bought this at my local grocery store and was so excited to try it bc I love tea and I love coconut! I was very dissapointed at the chemical/perfume taste. So watery and did not really have any flavor. I brought this into my office for others to try because I really wanted to get rid of it & it was not liked by anyone. Needless to say it still sits here 1 yr later. A waste of $10

5 Stars

Coconut Heaven! January 05, 2015

Pam Shuman

Richmond Hill, GA

I don't normally drink tea, but when I saw this in a local store it intrigued me. I can't get enough of this tea. The coconut & chocolate taste and smell is amazing. This is a wonderful replacement for my nighttime coffee and it doesn't keep me awake. Highly recommended! Give it a try!

5 Stars

Hot or Cold...LOVE IT! December 12, 2014


Rochelle, IL

I Love this tea because it gives me the comfort of a mounds bar without all the calories. Put a splash of Almond Joy creamer in it and OH MY!!! Poured it over ice this summer with the same creamer, it was awesome! Love IT!

5 Stars

Smooth with a pleasant taste of coconut October 30, 2014


Toledo, OH

I didn't expect to like this tea but the coconut honestly brings such a wonderfully distinct aroma and flavor, it's become my new favorite. This is a great lift when you want a dessert and are watching your weight.

5 Stars

OMG October 17, 2014


The Dalles, OR

I wasn't sure I would like this, since coconut isn't a favorite. But OMG was I surprised by this delicious, decadent tea! It's most definitely a new favorite, and I will buy again and again and again..

5 Stars

Devine! October 16, 2014


Great Bend, KS

I tried the Cuppa Chocolate Assortment Box because I wasn't sure if I'd like them and this was one of my favorites out of the (4) flavors. The Strawberry was my first choice. I did not care for the Red Velvet Chocolate or the Peppermint Chocolate. I will order this one again, for sure!

4 Stars

Delicious September 24, 2014


El Paso, TX

This is a delicious tea, much better cold than warm in my opinion though. This is my first cuppa chocolate tea that I've bought and while I was a little disappointed when I tried drinking it freshly brewed when it cooled down to a nice temperature it was delicious. Just needs a touch of sugar and you're good to go.

5 Stars

Simply Amazing July 22, 2014


Huntsville, AL

This tea is incredible. A delicious and subtly sweet taste that is perfection. Whenever I have company I beg them to try this tea and it never disappoints.

5 Stars

Nice When I Crave a Warm, Sweet Treat July 18, 2014

Julia Churan

Chandler, AZ

This is a delicious light alternative to a cup of hot chocolate. I particularly like this on a cool day or as an evening treat with dessert. It is nice with a small amount of coconut oil or a splash of vanilla coconut milk. I have also enjoyed this with a splash of Bailey's.

5 Stars

The Best June 23, 2014


Athens, GA

Every Republic of Tea chocolate blend that I have tried is incredibly delicious. They taste exactly like someone has melted chocolate into the cup. Absolutely outstanding; I cannot recommend this highly enough.

5 Stars

Delicious May 30, 2014


Enfield, CT

It is desert in a cup. A great blend of cocoa and coconut. After trying the sample pack, I purchased two containers.

5 Stars

I love this tea!! May 29, 2014

Alice Nelson

Belvidere, IL

This is really good. Just the right combination of chocolate and coconut.

5 Stars

Totally Delish! May 12, 2014


Toronto, ON

Lovely tasting dessert type tea with no calories and no guilt. Has a slight natural sweetness and is just the best thing in the evenings. I adore this tea and will definitely be ordering more!

5 Stars

one of the best herbals May 11, 2014

Mrs. Quan

Tempe, AZ

I love this tea ! I like it plain, with cream and especially with cream and sweetner. I drink this instead of coffee.

5 Stars


Brenda Loyd

Seagoville , TX

Love this tea, the Coconut Cocoa is my favorite, but all the flavors are good. Since I don't drink coffee, this is my morning beverage, What a great way to start your day!

5 Stars

a Mounds Bar in a cup and twice as yummy because there is no sugar May 05, 2014


Las Vegas, NV

Mild, fragrant with a natural sweetness that is good to the last sip, hot or cold.

5 Stars

Decadent Coffee April 23, 2014

Chris Z

Oakland, CA

I discovered the Tea at a vacation rental Cabin. Just seemed Natural to add it to My Morning Coffee. Now it is a ritual,,,Strong Coffee with Coconut Cocoa Tea with French Vanilla creamer's just...deliciously Decadent!!

5 Stars

great afternoon treat! April 04, 2014

Susan King

Portage, MI

A wonderful cup of afternoon treat! Just enough caffeine for a little lift but not too much, and that little bit of chocolate satisfaction!

5 Stars

Heavenly! April 02, 2014


Fleetwood, PA

Absolutely the best combination of chocolate and coconut, all-natural flavors! Sweetener and cream are a must for a smooth taste. Great at bedtime.

5 Stars

Coconutty good March 30, 2014


Allendale, NJ

If you love coconut, you'll love this. This is my fave evening cup of tea.

5 Stars

Eureka! March 23, 2014


Galion, OH

While on vacation, I found this tea for sale in a cute little store that we visited. I rationed the tea out to myself, but when the container was empty, I searched on-line. When I found The Republic of Tea website, I bought more of this tea (and some other intriguing flavors.) I can now enjoy my favorite tea daily.

5 Stars

Wow... March 13, 2014


Dousman , WI

Ordered this in the sampler cube...wasn't sure about chocolate tea but the reviews were intriguing. This tea is so yummy and smells good right out of the wrapper. It was ok with only a splash of half and half but half a packet of stevia made it better...dessert in a cup!!

5 Stars

Just like Mounds March 12, 2014



The smell is wonderful and the taste is even better. Just like having a Mounds. It's delicious, but not overpowering.

5 Stars

Awesome March 11, 2014


Orlando, GA

This one was very, very good. A great dessert. I will be purchasing this one as well again, Thank you Republic

5 Stars

Coconut Delight! March 08, 2014

Juliet Blanchette-Goyette

Raymond, NH

I am an elementary music teacher. Lately, I have been drinking this tea in the mornings. Every time I bring it in, the kids walk into my room and describe the various smells. They love to guess what the smells might be. I love that they notice my tea selections! I walk around the building with my mug and this one never fails to get a comment. I always make it a point to let people know what I'm drinking and the name of the company. It's kind of a personal mission to bring more people to The Republic.

5 Stars

I'm ADDICTED!! February 27, 2014


Fort Worth, TX

I think I'm addicted to this tea. Its almost like drinking a coconut toffee. I can't stop drinking it. I want to take it with me everywhere. LOVE LOVE it. Everyone I've had try it, loves it too. Its good with milk, good for ice tea, good for a hot drink, good when you're feeling hungry for no reason, good anytime!! It also calms my stomach. And there's almost no caffeine it in so you really can drink it anytime. I also put a bag in my coffee in the morning just to give my coffee a coconut flavor, that works so much better than putting any kind of syrupy flavor in your coffee. I got my whole family a can! Now they're all drinking it.

5 Stars

My New Favorite Tea!! February 27, 2014


Marshalltown, IA

Love the combo of flavors, very low caffeine, and no sugar! Also tastes great with a touch of milk or cream.

5 Stars

Guilt free dessert February 24, 2014


Huntington Beach, CA

We love the chocolate coconut taste of this tea. Carob gives it depth, and since it is herb tea we can drink it in the evening.

5 Stars

Surprisingly wonderful! February 22, 2014


Clinton, NY

I wasn't sure that I would like a chocolate tea but this is delicious! The coconut is subtle and not overwhelming. Tastes a bit like a thin hot chocolate without all the guilt!

5 Stars

Like drinking an Almond Joy February 06, 2014


Okatie, SC

My headline says it all. It smells so good while it is steeping, and then taste just like you are drinking an Almond Joy or Mounds candy bar. I love it !!!

5 Stars

Great afternoon treat! February 02, 2014


Nashville, TN

I enjoy this at work when I want something hot, but don't want any more caffeine. I find that it relaxes me, and I absolutely love the flavor--two of my favorites combined.

5 Stars

"Almond Joy" lover's fave dessert! January 09, 2014

Patricia Robinson

Plaistow, NH

I steep this tea in warm, unsweetened coconut milk, add a little stevia, and enjoy guilt-free as a nutritious low-calorie evening treat. Also great after shoveling snow! Can't wait to try the concentrate.

5 Stars

Love this tea!!!! January 07, 2014

Alice Nelson

Belvidere, IL

Love the combo of coconut and chocolate--like drinking a mounds bar without the sugar.

5 Stars

Best one of all! December 26, 2013

Jill Blevins

San francisco, CA

Pretty much the tea everyone in my family fights over the most. We buy a variety of our favorite teas - banana chocolate, cardamom cinnamon, and this one. This one goes first. Addictive and rich, complex and chocolatey. Coconutty in a non -chemically way, too.

5 Stars

Excellent December 26, 2013

Anita Jennings

Parker City, IN

Love this tea. Makes an excellent finish to a meal. Light and flavorful without being heavy like most desserts.

4 Stars

Favorite! December 24, 2013


Poulsbo, WA

Great tasting tea - one I enjoy every evening when relaxing after work. I wish the coconut flavor was a bit stronger, but overall it is a very nice tea. I mix it with a little chocolate flavored coffee creamer.

4 Stars

Yummy December 18, 2013


New Milford, CT

Very nice subtle flavor. I add just a touch of Stevia to sweeten it a little. This is my new go to tea!

5 Stars

Addicted to this stuff! December 13, 2013

Cari DiMarzio

Burkburnett, TX

I love this tea. It's very soothing. I flavor it with a little creme and sweetener. It's very soothing.

5 Stars

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea December 09, 2013

Jennifer Bailey

Visalia, CA

Wonderfully delicate without having the tastes disappear as soon as you swallow. The aroma lingers, in the air, on the palate. Lovely. Mixes well, by the way, with Strawberry Chocolate Cuppa Chocolate Tea.

5 Stars

Decadently delicious! December 02, 2013

Laura Retana Shelp

San Jose, CA

From the first sip the coconut and cocoa pair divinely! I love sipping this tea multiple times a day. I have finished four cans of this tea. I just received my order for 250 tea bags. WARNING! This tea is highly addictive! Enjoy!

5 Stars

Yummy!!! December 01, 2013


Conway, AR

This has a wonderful coconut flavor. SO good!

5 Stars

Unique and fun November 27, 2013


San Jose, CA

This tea is so unusual and fun. I tried it for the first time last night. It has a wonderful smell, and the coconut flavor is just strong enough to notice but not overwhelm. A+

5 Stars

Love this Tea November 20, 2013

Marie Braby

Arthur, ON

So good - so refreshing - when I need a pick me up - this is my go to tea.

5 Stars

my #1 favorite tea November 14, 2013


Houston, TX

I was skeptical when I first found this tea in a local grocery I buy it in the 250 bag size. It is great at any time of the day. I do put a little cream in it, so I guess it would not do as a diet drink, but it is so delicious. The cocoa and coconut flavors are well balanced and the Roobios flavor is well complemented by them.

4 Stars

Lovely November 05, 2013


The Dallesa, OR

This is really nice! I wasn't sure I would like it, because I'm not a fan of herbal tea, and because of some of the feedback. But when I diet I need something that feels special, so I tried the sample pack. Just steeped my first cup of Coconut Cocoa -- no added sweetener or milk. The coconut aroma is strong and the flavor is just right. There's not much cocoa flavor, but I'm pleased and surprised to say that I like it anyway :) I will recommend this to friends, and I will purchase again.

5 Stars

Delicious Smell, Subtle taste that grew on me November 04, 2013


West Hollywood, CA

My mother suggested I try it when I was visiting and I was a little underwhelmed at the time. But she sent some tea bags home with me and I tried it later and this time I loved it- and my neighbor liked it quite a bit too. I think the first time I was expecting something more obvious- the second time I discovered what is actually there- which is rather wonderful.

5 Stars

mmmmmmm good October 16, 2013


Gun Barrel City, TX

Best tasting tea I've had in a long time.

1 Star

No Flavor October 09, 2013


Sweet Valley, PA

There is a fine coconut-chocolate fragrance, but no flavor except the water and a barely detectable malt sweetness. I wish this were a perfume, but it's pointless as a tea.

1 Star

I do not care for this one August 26, 2013


I did not care for this tea. The first drink was OK. A hint of chocolate and then coconut. But then it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I tried it hot and cold to no avail. Fortunately, there are many other flavors I do enjoy.

5 Stars

10 teapots! June 04, 2013


Brooklyn, NY

This tea is amazing. The taste of coconut is just fantastic. It is so creamy and it is heavenly with almond milk. I went to a grain free diet and craved nothing but this tea (It has barley so I couldn't drink it). Can't wait to buy it again!!!

2 Stars

Mildly Interesting, but not very flavorful May 21, 2013

Kathleen O'Connor

Temple Terrace, FL

I love coconut and chocolate, so I hope this would be a taste bonanza. Sadly, it doesn't really taste of either. Usually, Republic teas are phenomenal, but this is the exception. There are far better and more flavorful Republic herbals than this. Disappointing...

5 Stars

Perfect! April 27, 2013


, MO

This is my favourite tea so far- I got the chocolate sampler and this with its balance of chocolate, coconut, and other ingredients was perfect with just a little bit of sugar to bring out the flavours :)

4 Stars

Interesting! April 12, 2013


, ME

I have received my tea yesterday and was very excited of course! It has an interesting taste actually! I find the Dates and Malted Barley are stronger than the Cocoa and Coconut, however, I'm enjoying it! Thank you TROT!

5 Stars

Love It! March 04, 2013


Wimberley, TX

This tea is so delicious that I had to buy it in bulk because I drink it everyday. Very decadent coconut and chocolate flavor.

5 Stars

Best tasting tea March 03, 2013


Fox River Grove,

I try different teas but this one Is a permanent tea for me. You can taste both the coconut and the chocolate. This makes a superb blend.

5 Stars

chocolate! February 14, 2013

mrs. lee hartung

abbeville, AL

if you love chocolate and coconut - this is great and like chocolate and banana it's wonderful hot or cold

4 Stars

Coconut Bliss February 02, 2013


, NY

Coconut lovers delight!!! Smooth, rich and creamy! I add just a dash of creamer...yummy!!

4 Stars

January 29, 2013

Jean Murphy

Sebring, FL

Delicious, though I liked the Strawberry Chocolate a bit better. Still tasty!

5 Stars

Great Tea January 29, 2013


La Mesa, CA

I often purchase this tea for my 15 year old Grandson. He loves it and I like it that he isn't drinking soda pop.

1 Star

Tastes and smells like POOL WATER January 28, 2013

Cyn L.

Palo Alto, CA

This is completely unacceptable, I expected better.

5 Stars

Another cup? YES, please!!! January 17, 2013


Rockwall, TX

I have fallen in love! I'm not much of a chocolate person, but the coconut intrigued me, so I thought I'd give it a try. I just had my first cup and I'm blown away, not only by the scent, but by the flavor, as well! You can taste the coconut with just a "hint" of the chocolate, making it the perfect combination!!! It tastes like a homemade cookie!!! This tea is definitely one of my new fav's!!! I can't wait to have another cup!!!

4 Stars

Love this tea! January 03, 2013


Dallas, TX

Love this tea as a substitute for hot cocoa! A lot few calories but great cocoa flavor. Just bought more of the cuppa chocolate teas!

5 Stars

December 30, 2012



5 Stars

Smells wonderful...Tastes delicious! December 29, 2012


Wauseon, OH

This just tastes delicious. The coconut and chocolate combination is heavenly. Which is why I got the bag with 250 teabags, I don't want to run out. And I know my daughter will (and already has) mooched some from me!

5 Stars

Always a Great Tea December 19, 2012


Sacramento, CA

This tea is always one of my favorites for the whole year. I make it iced in the Summer and hot in the Winter. Yum! I drink The Republic of Tea, teas everyday. I always have this flavor in my pantry.

5 Stars

December 17, 2012

Anita Jennings

Parker City, IN

This tea is very smooth and flavorful. Great anytime.

5 Stars

My New Favorite December 14, 2012

tea lover

Cooperstown, NY

Love this! The chocolate and barley is a perfect combination. It is sweet but not overly so. It's a wonderful pick me up without a lot of caffeine.

5 Stars

Like dessert in a cup December 06, 2012


Bedford, NH

Love your teas, all of them! I am dismayed, however, that the day after I placed my order you offered free shipping. I have been a loyal customer for several years and would feel better if I received a credit for the shipping charges I paid on my recent order.

5 Stars

Fabulous November 21, 2012


Worthington, OH

This is FABULOUS! Totally tastes both coconut-y AND chocolate-y! One of my absolute favorites. you can NOT go wrong with this luscious tea!

4 Stars

UMMMMMM!!! November 16, 2012


Baldwin, LA

As all of your teas, this is a comforting blend that speaks to me of tropical notes and lovely islands. It is delicious hot or cold and the lovely coconut and cocoa flavors are fabulous. Thanks.

5 Stars

Coconut chocolate tea November 09, 2012


Fairbanks, AK

This is my favorite tea. Love the chocolate coconut taste.

4 Stars

Afternoon treat October 24, 2012



Great treat in the afternoon

4 Stars

Yummy October 19, 2012


Deming, NM

Nice low calorie treat.

5 Stars

Very Tasty October 17, 2012

Victorya Jackson

Greenebelt, MD

I was looking for a nice chocolate flavored tea to drink for dessert and came across this series from RT. I really enjoy this flavor! I bought this one and the Red Velvet and I prefer this one MUCH better than the Red Velvet. It's very tasty and satisfying. After dinner, if I'm craving a sweet, I make a cup of this tea, add a bit of milk and forego the sugar for a shot of Amaretto! I've put liqueur in coffee before, but never in tea, however, this tea is so rich it just goes perfectly! This mix is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!

5 Stars

October 17, 2012



5 Stars

Tastes very, very good October 05, 2012

Carol B.

Gainesville , GA

When one steeps the tea bags, the first thing noticed is the smell of coconuts. It does smell good. Then, of course, when you add the pure cane sugar and fresh cream, it goes from very good, to absolutely wonderful. Yes, this flavor is worth it. The only thing I noticed, however, is that it really takes two tea bags to get the flavors kickin the way I like. One tea bag per small cup isn't enough to flavor the drink adequately. I use two tea bags for about 10 oz drink.

5 Stars

Satisfies and Relaxes October 05, 2012



Every afternoon I get a craving for something sweet and chocolatey. I used to grab candy bars or cookies but they added lots of calories. I started drinking this tea with a splash of cream as an alternative and now I specifically crave this tea! The scent is buttery and sweet and the taste is even better. It satiates my afternoon sweet tooth without adding too many extra calories. I've actually lost a bit of weight since making this tea part of my PM routine!

5 Stars

Love this September 27, 2012


Dayton, OH

The smell of this is intoxicating. I actually felt a twinge of panic when my order got delayed because I wanted more of this tea so badly. This is my favorite of the sampler. Truly an escape in a cup.

5 Stars

Dessert w/o guilt September 25, 2012


Newberry, FL

A cup sitting on my desk fills the room with the aroma of chocolate and coconut--Like an Mounds candy bar, but no guilt!

4 Stars

Captured by the coconut September 19, 2012


Enjoyed the aroma and the soft delicate taste it provided. All the taste, very little of the caloric intake. You all hit the mark with this fusion of coconut and cocoa!

5 Stars

Satisfying, calorie-free substitue for hot cocoa September 15, 2012


Fond du Lac, WI

I tried this in a restaurant and asked what company made it. I went home and ordered it that night before I went to sleep. The flavor is very rich - the coconut is the first thing you taste, followed by a mellow, almost "roasted" cocoa undertone. At first, it seemed a bit light to me, but after adding a touch of Equal, the flavor rounded out and was quite satisfying. Normally I prefer a dark cocoa made with milk, cocoa and sugar, sometimes with a splash of coconut liquor. This is a perfect substitute for a cozy drink that does not leaving feeling like you are missing the rich creaminess of hot cocoa. I drink it at work or before bed - it doesn't matter when. I could drink it all day! I can't wait to try ROT's other chocolate blends.

5 Stars

Lovely and delicious! September 12, 2012


After seeing this at a coffee shop I easily passed up a latte to try this. I am SO glad I did. Immediately when I was given it the smell, OH MY GOD THE SMELL! Magical! The taste is even better. It's a strong blend of coconut and chocolate that compliment each other perfectly! If you are a fan of coconut, tea, and chocolate, you MUST try this. When it's hot and steamy the scent just surrounds you and you can't help but feel so happy! I love sipping this during the colder months and taking it with me to campus during class or when I'm studying and doing homework. Remember, this is not a weak coconut taste by any means (also, the taste is NOT NOT NOT artificial at all), so if you love coconut (I am a huge coconut fan), do yourself a favor and GET THIS.

1 Star

Not my "cup of tea". September 10, 2012


Wayside, NJ

I didn't care for this blend at all. I love both chocolate & coconut but this pairing was distasteful to me. Personal preference.

1 Star

Where's the flavor? September 09, 2012


Washington, DC

The thought of a tea that was flavored with chocolate and coconut, was enough to convince me shell out more than I usually would for tea in bags. Couldn't wait to get home and try it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed; very weak flavor. This is going back to the store.

2 Stars

August 25, 2012

Terry K

Loxahatchee, FL

I tasted this tea at a restaurant and went wild for the aroma & flavor. After making my first cup, at home, I realized I needed to use 2-bags in order to acheive the same restaurant results. This could be a rather expensive habit, so I just might stick with diet hot chocolate (25 calories) and add a splash of coconut flavoring! Also, it is NOT caffiene free, however, the content is very low...For those ultra sensitive to caffiene, this tea may not be a good choice.

5 Stars

Great in summer and winter - LOVE IT August 06, 2012


I started drinking this in the winter - it is dessert without the calories. I would make a cup and add some blue diamond almond breeze almond and coconut milk blend to it. When it started getting so hot - I stopped drinking it for awhile and then I thought why not make this into an iced tea drink. So I pour 6 oz of boiling water over the tea bag - let it steep for 7 minutes - then put it in the refrigerator with the teabag still in it until it cools down enough to pour over ice. I put Ice in a 16ox glass - take out the teabag and pour the tea over the ice. I then fill the glass with the blue diamond almond/coconut milk. What a refreshing, delicious, thirst-quenching drink for the summer - you have to try it. LOVE THIS TEA

5 Stars

Satisfies July 26, 2012


San Rafael, CA

When you really crave a chocolate fix but your scales say 'not today' - try this tea. I find it satisfied my sweet tooth. If you add a bit of almond milk to it, it gives almost a hot chocolate flavor. Yum without the calories!

5 Stars

A favorite July 21, 2012



I cannot let this tin get empty before I purchase refills, I love it! The flavor is very rich but subtle, and with a little added stevia this tea totally tames that sweet tooth after meals. Not one I'd drink for breakfast but wonderful with dessert or as dessert.

5 Stars

Need that sweet treat June 10, 2012


Seal Beach, CA

Love the flavor....makes a great dessert or whenever you have that craving for something sweet.

5 Stars

May 31, 2012


I love this as an after dinner tea; no caffeine, and it's got a lovely chocolaty coconutty scent. Pleasant flavor.

1 Star

Strange taste May 18, 2012


Ocean, NJ

Not my "cup of tea". Didn't care for this flavor AT all. Returned it!

3 Stars

Strange flavor, weird aftertaste May 15, 2012


Norwalk, CT

I bought this because I loved the Red Velvet tea, and usually love coconut-flavored foods. My first reaction was "yuck!", and I put it on the shelf for a while before trying it again. I'll drink it from time to time now, but it always strikes me as having an odd, artificial flavor and a weird aftertaste. I'll finish my tin, but won't order this tea again.

5 Stars

Delicious. May 05, 2012


New York City, NY

The best dessert tea.

5 Stars

Delicious. May 05, 2012


New York City, NY

The best dessert tea.

5 Stars

Love this tea! April 30, 2012


tomah, WI


5 Stars

Yummy!!! April 23, 2012


Tomah, WI

Although I am not usually a hot choclate or choclate flavored coffee drinker, I thought I would give this tea a try. I love it. It is so good. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars

Love Love Love April 20, 2012


Portland, OR

I LOVE this tea. The coconut and chocolate combination is perfect. I just ran out and I can't wait to get my new tin so I can keep enjoying it. I highly recommend this tea to coconut and chocolate lovers.

5 Stars

Love this tea! April 01, 2012


My favorite afternoon tea. I sit with my dog and look out at the Bay. sip slowly. savor it. Please take note of the 6 oz water requirement, though.

5 Stars

Love this March 31, 2012


This is one of my most favorite dessert teas I love to have a cup almost every evening. Good balance of chocolate & coconut flavors and does a great job of curbing my sweet tooth.

5 Stars

Exceptional. March 31, 2012

Marina T.

Newark, NJ

I love this tea. The smell is fantastic. Tastes wonderful, a bit sweet. Great that it doesn't have caffeine in it, so you can leave it for the evening time. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

March 28, 2012


, IN

LOVED this!! I eat a handful of almonds with this tea, and it's like eating an almond joy without the calories!

5 Stars

coconut lover March 27, 2012


The Best coconut flavor! Would buy more next time.

5 Stars

my favorite March 26, 2012


houston, TX

I have been buying this tea for a few years, but it was in different packaging. I was not called Cuppa, but simply Cocoa Coconut. I bought it out of every store that I found it in and then it was gone...discontinued! I was very to find that Republic of Tea has just renamed it and changed the package. It is so delicious. I put a little cream in it and it is better than hot cocoa, with a more interesting taste. I will always have it in the house, now.

1 Star

not for me March 20, 2012


Kerrville, TX

This is just weird for me...would be okay as a hot chocolate milky mix, but not as a thin tea...just doesn't feel right.

2 Stars

Weak and Insubstantial March 18, 2012


, CA

I found this tea to be so weak tasting, unlike the tin's labeling as "thick" flavor. I looked at the bag, and it barely had half a teaspoon of tea per bag, which is astounding considering the price of the tin. It is not enough to adequately flavor a mug of water. Please, Republic of Tea...your tea is very expensive. If I have to use two bags per cup, it becomes ludicrously expensive for what you get. This is either a quality control issue, or profit squeezing at the expense of us sippers.

2 Stars

March 17, 2012


, MA

I did not really like this tea as much as I was hoping to. I thought the flavor was disappointing. It is not bad where I do not want to drink it, but I do not love it like I love the red velvet or choco mint.

3 Stars

Coconut-scented hot water March 16, 2012

Helpful Tea Citizen


Unfortunately, this tea bag merely brews coconut-scented hot water. It really does smell nice; but I can't get over the fact that the predominant taste is hot water. I thought that there would be some sort of tea involved in the mix (red tea, etc.) but it is entirely an herbal mix. The other ingredients are simply too weak next to the coconut, which is pretty weak itself! I'm a big Republic purchaser; and I feel sorry to be so tough on this tea. But I wanted other buyers out there to know. Just educating other Tea Citizens ;) Next time, I'm going to purchase the Almond Macaroon instead. You may want to consider opting for that one, too!

5 Stars

Warm, Delicious, Kid-Friendly March 15, 2012


Outstanding! If you only want tea that tastes like tea, perhaps this is not for you. But if you like chocolatey or fruity tisanes as well, then give it a try! I brew this tea for a fairly long time (5 minutes), sometimes using two tea bags for fuller flavor, and then add a tiny bit of sugar and a good sized amount of milk. Then I share it with my two year-old son; he thinks it's second only to hot chocolate in terms of deliciousness. Both the chocolate and the coconut flavors come through strongly, and the addition of milk makes the entire cup taste like chocolate coconut milk. Yum!

2 Stars

Utterly underwhelmed March 14, 2012


Sacramento, CA

Tastes nothing like chocolate, although the coconut stands out. BRING BACK THE CHOCOLATE ORANGE ROOIBOS, it was OUTSTANDING!

5 Stars

My new favorite March 14, 2012


Port Townsend, WA

This tea has become one of my new favorites. It's slightly sweet coconut flavor blends wonderfully with the cocoa and the tea. I especially like this one right before bed. It's a nice relaxing cup of tea.

5 Stars

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate March 10, 2012


East Greenwich, RI

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags = Happiness for me. Totally Delicious! :-)

3 Stars

March 05, 2012


Livermore, CA

This one is very strong on the coconut flavor and not much of cocoa. For me it is OK. I LOVE the Red Velvet and Strawberry cocoa flavors in this line.

5 Stars

Phenomenal Tea March 03, 2012


Carlisle, PA

This tea is absolutely PHENOMENAL! I adore it and drink it on a daily basis. I ordered 250 bags knowing I will be sharing it with all my family and friends. It's sweet enough to be considered a lovely dessert but not so sweet that you wouldn't want to enjoy it ANYTIME! This tea fits perfectly with my lifestyle. Thank you Republic of Tea! You hit a home-run with this one!

5 Stars

New favorite March 01, 2012


Osceola Mills, PA

Delicious, rich flavor with the perfect blend of coconut and cocoa. My new favorite tea. Will recommend it to my friends and family.

1 Star

eh March 01, 2012


new york, NY

i love chocolate, but sadly i did not taste any of it in this tea. really the taste is so strange, but def not chocolate.

5 Stars

Perfect Healthy Replacement for Chocolate Milk February 21, 2012


Springfield, MO

Tried this one before bed tonight. Steeped it in a steaming cup of skim milk. Perfect! A great way to get my chocolate milk fix without all the calories and fat. I'm sleepy, happy and ready for sweet dreams!

5 Stars

Delightful February 19, 2012

June Ohm


Had my first cuppa this afternoon with a touch of cream added - loved it!

1 Star

February 19, 2012

judy ford

Indianapolis, IN

Extremely disappointed! Will not order any more tea.

5 Stars

February 19, 2012


Newton, NJ

This is my favorite Republic tea! It has a perfect blend of chocolate and coconut with notes of carob. Strong and flavorful.

5 Stars

Coconut Cocoa February 12, 2012


Waukesha, WI

The Coconut Cocoa is by far, the best of all the teas I have ordered so far.

5 Stars

Gratification without Guilt! February 11, 2012


, DE

I love living a healthy lifestyle, but chocolate is my downfall! While searching around for a solution to this problem, someone recommended chocolate flavored tea to me. I am a true chocaholic, and so I was skeptical. I finally ordered it, received it two days later and wow. I have finally found a healthy way to get my chocolate fix! The smell is amazing, the flavor is full and wonderful! Thank you for this amazing product, I'll be back for more!

L.O.V.E. February 10, 2012


Not 'tea' tasting to me, but absolutely love this beverage

4 Stars

Coconut - perfect balance for Cocoa February 04, 2012


Tempe, AZ

Great afternoon tea - to get you thru the end of the work day or at night to hold off cravings for not-so-good-for-you cookies/ice cream. Not too sweet or overpowering. Great balance between the coconut and cocoa.

5 Stars

No coffee for me February 02, 2012


Houston, TX

Love it. Supple chocolate taste and the coconut smell is awsome. Leaves a refreashing feel after drinking. I have found my coffee substitute.

5 Stars

Very rich flavor... January 30, 2012


, AK

Rich, decadent tasting tea... I love it!

4 Stars

Dessert Tea is right. January 30, 2012

orange county, CA

This tea for sure takes the place of a dessert. It tastes exactly like an Almond Joy. I was very happy I made this last minute purchase.

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever January 28, 2012


Metuchen, NJ

I love this tea - it's the perfect nightcap and tasty enough to replace dessert or hot chocolate. I bought a bag of 250 so I can give them away to everyone I know, and to hide stashes of my own at work and home. :-)

5 Stars

Rich & Sweet January 27, 2012

Sarah Chilcote

Salem, OR

This tea was a delight from the opening of the can to the last sip. Sweet, coconutty, and wonderfully fragrant, it's a new family favorite!

5 Stars

My whole office is addicted! January 27, 2012

Dr. A

, FL

At first, I was a little disappointed in this because I was expecting cocoa. But when I realized this was a cocoa tea, I was even more intrigued to try it. I love this tea. It is very unusual and the taste of coconut is quite pronounced, which I like. I normally drink a lot of coffee but this tea is robust enough that I find myself choosing it continually over my cop of joe. If you like coconut, try it.

5 Stars

January 27, 2012


By far our favorite of all teas!

4 Stars

yum! January 26, 2012


menlo park, CA

i love the flavor of this tea and the only reason i am giving it 4 teapots is because i wish the flavor was a little stronger. i use 2 teabags occasionally and the taste is better in my opinion. otherwise, it is smooth and tasty. a great after dinner treat.

5 Stars

January 25, 2012

Ellen Chesak

Rensselaer, IN

My favorite flavor yet.

Calories January 25, 2012

, CA

Does this Coconut Cocoa have calories? It's to delicious not to.

5 Stars

Lucious! January 20, 2012


, AK

Love this tea! Hits the spot when I'm craving sweets. Thanks for this fantastic blend!!!! YUM!

5 Stars

Like a Warm Hug in a Cup January 18, 2012

Patricia Webb

Madison Heights, VA

I ordered this because of the flavor profile. It is just simply delicious. The hint of coconut with the chocolate reminds me of an Almond Joy bar--without all the processed stuff. This is a wonderful afternoon break tea or evening tea. Thanks, Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

Agree, use 2 bags per cup January 18, 2012


Connersville, IN

After reading comments, I tried using 2 bags instead of one, and let it steep 5 minutes. Smidge of stevia and a little milk, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how good this was.

4 Stars

Coconut yes January 17, 2012


Kailua, HI

I really enjoy this tea, however, I do not find the chocolate notes as described, but do taste the coconut. After an expectation adjustment, it has become one of my favorite teas!

5 Stars

Dessert In a Cup January 16, 2012

Citizen Ann

Omaha, NE

Yum! This is exactly the tea I need to help my curb my after-dinner cravings for something sweet. I am happy to add this to my list of favorite teas!

5 Stars

Use 2 teabags for each cup for best result January 15, 2012


Seattle, WA

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I use 2 teabags for each cup - 1 teabag wasn't strong (chocolatey) enough for me. Honestly, I can't get enough of this tea. Plus, the scent is divine.

3 Stars

Not exactly as expected January 10, 2012



Strong on the coconut which is lovely, but not much chocolate flavor. Then tastes flowery at the end of the sip. Not what I was expecting. Hoping I can trade it in. I love RoT teas, just thought this one would taste different than it does.

2 Stars

January 10, 2012


I didn't care for this tea at all. The flavor was bland, and it didn't have any of the sweetness I expected. I tried adding a bit of milk and sugar, but was still very disappointed in both the flavor and aroma.

5 Stars

Dessert in a steamy cup January 01, 2012


Arlington, VA

I love this tea. I have told MANY people about this tea. I've purchased this tea for people as a gift. This is the kind of tea I am always seeking--a tea that can replace dessert. I drink it with a touch of cream and sugar or honey. Also, I let it steep much longer than required, as I feel it concentrates the flavors. Breathe deeply as it steeps; it is almost as pleasurable as drinking it!

5 Stars

Unbelievably good December 29, 2011



I am amazed at how delicious this tea is. It's like eating an Almond Joy but with no guilt!

5 Stars

Flavorful and non-fattening December 28, 2011


Edmond, OK

My husband and my boys love this coconut flavered cocoa tea. It is not as rich as regular hot chocolate. It is a good tasty drink with the fat. I add a teaspoon of sweet milk in it. It is great.

5 Stars

December 26, 2011

Torri Patel

Long Beach, CA

So delicious! Perfect mix of coconut and chocolate!!

3 Stars

Nice December 20, 2011


, OH

This is a nice tea, but after reading the reviews I was hoping for a richer,deeper flavor. I even doubled up on the tea bags/cup the second time thinking it might be better. Has a bit of an oily aftertaste. It was a nice change - just not as flavorful as I'd hoped. Will stick with Comfort and Joy for the holidays!Wonderful!

5 Stars

One of my absolute favorites! December 20, 2011


Boston, MA

So far - this is my favorite tea because it's great in the afternoon or evening after a meal for a nice, sweet treat. I did need to drink a few cups to get used to the taste but now I am hooked! It is the perfect mix of a cocoa flavor in a tea. I think I will be buying the bulk bag soon!

5 Stars

Delightful tea December 18, 2011

Tamara Jordan

St. Louis, MO

This is a very nice tea. The flavor is well balanced and blended so you taste all flavors equally. I like it best with a splash of soy creamer morning, noon or night!

5 Stars

Unusak and Delicious December 18, 2011


Pittsburgh, PA

Smooth, mellow, reminds me of those date-coconut bars you can get at Christmastime. Chocolate is an undertone. If you like coconut, you will love this. Needs no sweetener or milk. It's one of those teas you hold in your mouth and savor. I'd buy again and again!

3 Stars

not as good as i thought it would be December 17, 2011



the description of the tea sounded much better than the tea itself. i've tried many, many different teas from the republic of tea and this is definitely NOT one of my favorites. good thing i didn't buy it in bulk.

1 Star

Not my cup of tea December 17, 2011


Philadelphia, PA

I was expecting chocolate flavor with mild natural coconut...... It was pretty rough.... had to throw it out. I liked the idea of a chocolate tea..... just didn't know what to expect.

5 Stars

Did not think I was going to like it (much less LOVE it) December 16, 2011


Los Altos, CA

While shopping around for a low calorie dessert I happened to find this. Chocolate tea did NOT sound appetizing, but I thought I'd give it a chance. It's GREAT! Loved it. Definitely a great way to do dessert without the calorie cost. Can't wait to try the other chocolate tea flavors.

5 Stars

AWSOME December 16, 2011



I just LOVE this tea! It really IS like drinking a dessert. I sip the tea while eating my raw almonds, and it is like eating an almond joy candy bar.

4 Stars

Love in a cup December 14, 2011


Paris Crossing, IN

While I LOVED this tea at first sip, after a few cups over a few days I began to notice it was lacking flavor and even in a very small amount of water was still lacking. It is mentioned as being "thick" so I expected it to be almost over powering, but instead found its flavors to be almost completely watered down, especially when adding milk. I have to say I am somewhat disappointed considering it was my first cup of tea from the Republic brand.

5 Stars

This is the best! December 10, 2011


chicago, IL

I had to buy it in bulk for the office. It is the richest drink I have ever had without sugar.

5 Stars

Tropical Chocolate!!! December 10, 2011


Winston , NC

This tea is so awesome! It tastes soooo good. Rich and velvety and coconuty. I love having this tea by itself in the evenings or mixing it with a plain black tea in the morning for an extra kick. Very yummy flavor! Love it with a dash of honey!

5 Stars

Yummy December 08, 2011


Jefferson City, MO

This is a very tasty tea indeed. Someone else wrote it reminded them of an almond joy. I would have to agree. It smells kinda funny, but after that first sip you'll know what I mean about tasty. I can't get enough. Next time I will have to buy the bulk size bag.

4 Stars

Surprisingly not bitter December 08, 2011

new to tea

Chippewa Falls, WI

I gave this a try and it was surprisingly not bitter. I did not add sugar, but I could see if a couple of sugar cubes are added, it most certainly would taste like an Almond Joy candy bar. This will be my dessert tea.

5 Stars

December 08, 2011

Patricia Robinson

Plaistow, NH

Tried both this and Red Velvet on this order; Coconut Cocoa wins hands down, & a great evening change from my usual Chamomile. I drink it with a little stevia & a splash of light cream. A great lower-cal sub for indulgent hot cocoa, but with bonus of subtle, but complex interplay of flavors all the way to the bottom. Only wish you'd make this a full 50-bag tin, &, if seasonal, please extend the season.

5 Stars

Delish!!! December 04, 2011


Desoto, MO

WOW!!! When I first saw chocolate tea, I thought, yuck! Well, I gave it a shot, and I am hooked. This flavor is like drinking a liquid Almond Joy. The flavor is the perfect mixture of chocolate and coconut. I add 4 sugar cubes to this, and it is heavenly. I tried the Red Tea Chocolate teas, and they are awful! Whatever is used to make the Red Tea overwhelms the chocolate taste, and just ruins it. this on, and the Double Chocolate are wonderful.

5 Stars

Amazing Tea! December 01, 2011


Baton Rouge, LA

This is such a great tea! It peaked my curiosity at the store, but I had no idea what to really expect from it. However- I LOVE it. It immediately reminded me of Samoas (Girl Scout cookie). I would definitely recommend it to… well, everyone!

4 Stars

Carob lovers try this November 29, 2011


Milwaukee, WI

I have tried other cocoa teas and found them very weak. For example, I did not find Double Dark Chocolat Mate to be strong enough with just 1 bag. However, Coconut Cocoa is delightful as a dessert tea. I think the carob, chicory and dates blend very well with the cocoa. I make a Chocolate Chip Date Cake that has a similar flavor to this tea. Now I want to try all the rest of the cocoa teas, so I ordered a sampler box. My summer favorite has been Hibiscus Pineapple Lychee, so I think Cocoa Teas are a nice change for winter. I'm surprised that I actually like these sweeter teas since I usually drink Oolong, like Ti Kuan Yin.

4 Stars

Very different in a delicious way.... November 26, 2011


Buellton, CA

Definitely doesn't taste like german chocolate cake but it's very flavorful and has a nice cocoa smell. I like it.

5 Stars

this did not disappoint November 20, 2011


covington, LA

I think this tea is my new favorite. Perfect with a little milk and sugar added and enjoyed as a dessert but also yummy all on its own.

5 Stars

Delicious! November 06, 2011


Freeland, MI

Wow!!! The coconut and chocolate flavor are amazing in this tea. The smell is like an Almond Joy. YUM! One of my new favorites.

5 Stars

November 03, 2011

Laurie Healey-Starr

Flat Rock, NC

a yummy blend of chocolate, coconut and Carmel. Smells and tastes wonderful! It's like dessert in a cup without the calories!

3 Stars

Good, but more coconut than chocolate October 29, 2011


Elk Grove, CA

I liked this tea, but it is all coconut and not really a chocolate tea to me. It is nice but not as good as the strawberry chocolate.

5 Stars

Love, love, love it! =) October 23, 2011


, OR

This tea purchase was an impulse buy for me. I think if I had the opportunity to smell the bags B4 I bought it I probably would not have purchased it. When I opened the container the odor was strong and not too appealing to me. Once I had it in the cup steeping however... WOW! I could hardly wait to try it! It smelled not as strong and oh-so-delici-oh-so! I normally drink my tea white no sugar but I was thinking I might have to sweeten this cup just a little based on my past experience with similar flavors from other tea companies. After it steeped a good 10 minutes I go ahead and take a sip B4 adding anything... *YUMMARACHI!* It was perfect... without anything added, it was perfect! No milk even and that's unusual for me. I was really surprised by how "sweet" it was. (I suppose if you drink your tea sweetened you might not find it sweet like I did.) It was smooth and even though it steeped for so long, not a bitter molecule hit my taste buds! I love, love , love this tea! I think I need to quit writing and g

5 Stars

Great!!!!!!!! October 20, 2011


Marietta, GA

I REALLY liked this tea. One day I drank 3 cups, one right after the other. It does taste very similar to a Mounds Bar.

5 Stars

Nightly treat October 11, 2011


Austin, TX

So good you can skip dessert.

3 Stars

October 11, 2011


Orem, UT

Tastes VERY strongly of coconut oil. It's almost overpowering. If coconut is your thing, go for it! This one is going to take some warming up to for me. I like coconut, but I feel like I'm drinking melted coconut oil.

5 Stars

Too Much??!! October 09, 2011


Woodinville, WA

Is it possible for a cup of tea to be too rich? Too smooth? Too luxurious? I never expected to go to that place with regard to tea! (Even though RoT has some GREAT stuff.) Well, a cuppa of this Cuppa will put you right on the edge. Perfect balance of chocolate and coconut. It does require extra-long steeping (7-10 min). However, when I don't need to add sugar or milk, that's one AMAZING cuppa! And, it's getting a lot out of one little tea bag.

5 Stars

Tasty Treat October 03, 2011

, PA

I love all things coconut but don't want the calories. This is an excellent way to get your coconut and chocolate fix. Impulse buy for me too. I liked the clean finish and will be drinking this to keep me warm this winter.

5 Stars

A candy bar in a glass! October 02, 2011

Krista Schwabe

Lakeland, FL

This is one of the most amazing dessert teas ever! It tastes just like the popular chocolate/coconut candy bar! In addition, it is allergen-free for my son who is dairy, nut, and egg allergic! He's 9 but has developed a tea habit thanks to Republic of Tea! I consulted with them on this flavor before purchasing it for him. He is head over heels for it, loves to take it to school for lunch, drink it at home to relax--I never say no to him, it's so much healthier than soda! Thanks for making a great tea that he loves and for being wonderful with your customer service regarding my questions about allergens! A Happy Citizen Always :)

5 Stars

Delicious! September 12, 2011


Natick, MA

I could definitely taste chocolate and coconut! Reminds me of a Samoa Girl Scout cookie! This was an impulse buy that I am happy I made!

5 Stars

Very tasty July 30, 2011


, MN

Tastes like coconut and warm grains, with a hint of chocolate. Makes a very comforting cup of tea. The flavor is almost sort of familiar in some way to me. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

Like a Mounds Bar without the calories! July 30, 2011


West Hills, CA

This tea smells and tastes like a Mounds Bar -- just heavenly. I brew it for 10 minutes to make it stronger, then add a splash of milk -- the perfect bedtime treat.

5 Stars

Heavenly! July 06, 2011


Durham, NC

Love, love, love it! Just brewed my first cup and I'm in heaven! Fully satisfying flavor with a very clean aftertaste. I think I'll be buying this one in bulk...

4 Stars

July 05, 2011


Tasty and smells great. Could be more chocolaty for me though. :)

5 Stars

A Crowd Pleaser June 20, 2011


San Rafael, CA

I recently shared this tea with my mom and sister and it was love at first sip. Everyone really enjoyed this calorie-free dessert in a cup!

5 Stars

German Chocolate Cake in a cup June 08, 2011


, FL

Love the tea. Taste like German Chocolate Cake - with the calories!
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